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Why Urbana is Doing a Hackathon << it's going to be great :)

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The Future of Life on Earth 
One of the best aspects of this +Science on Google+ community - now at over 500,000 members(!) - is that it communicates the entire spectrum of scientific endeavour. 
In a unique way, this content-rich presentation of diverse concepts and insights can increase the potential for cross-pollination of ideas between disciplines. 
We are often reminded of how the power of collaboration in applying scientific and technological know-how can be made to decisively solve significant challenges.  Few initiatives have presented this better than the +Fragile Oasis, founded by Astronaut +Ron Garan, whose outreach during his time on #ISS  and subsequent work to spread awareness of the #OrbitalPerspective  was instrumental in inspiring many people to think about how the many feats of engineering, scientific endeavour and international collaboration that made the #ISS  possible could be harnessed to solve many of the problems facing the Planet's population and ecosystems.

I know that members of this community are very aware of the huge potential of tools such as +Google+ for sharing information and dialogue across linguistic and cultural barriers, and when combined with the potential for current technological and social solutions to deliver significant benefit to communities worldwide, we embrace the fact that (perhaps for the very first time)  #Humanity  now has the tools to solve many of the world's most pressing challenges. 

I'm excited to see that +Ron Garan has distilled this wisdom into a book - The Orbital Perspective - which expounds the fact that we now live in a world where possibilities are only limited by our imagination and our will to act.
This publication, due for release in a few weeks, is heralded as a vital call to action, illustrating how lessons learned in #Space  can be applied to make life better for people on this singular life-giving Oasis within the cosmos. 
I reckon that anyone interested in applying their knowledge and collaborative effort to solve the most pressing challenges to life on Earth will be very interested in this book's content and far-reaching message.

Here is a link to the book's website:

Hey friends... have you checked out +Spaceship Earth Grants  yet? #FlyMetoSpace  

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You are invited to join in a global conversation this Friday about the need for #collaboration  to solve the problems facing our world.
Join in a global conversation about the need for collaboration to solve the problems facing our world

+NASA invites YOU to help shape the #NASAAsteroid Initiative: 

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An amazing self-portrait by @MarsCuriosity 

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Amazing images.

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Thanks to +Alexander Howard for sharing the story of #SpaceApps. 

Highlight of today was visiting +National Geographic - excited about the new age of #exploration that we are all part of and how they are telling that story. Come join the amazing community these guys have created! I really want to be a National Geographic Explorer when I grow up. 
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