Congratulations to our partner in Denmark Karl Lausten ("Bright Ideas"), who, in cooperation with the local Chamber of Commerce and the University College Nordjylland organized a series of training sessions for local construction firms on the BIM oriented processes involved in digital construction projects as required by Danish regulations for publicly financed projects from April 1, 2013. 

After the successful completion of the training program, Karl Lausten commented: The 4M BIM suite was well received by participants who were surprised by the ease of use. Many of the participants had experience with 2D drawings and expected 3D to be much more difficult, but they completed the training sessions way ahead of schedule leaving time to discuss other relevant subjects. The training sessions proved to be a good way to build relations with the participating firms and to get the chance to have them try the 4M BIM suite on their own computers. Even thought the sessions were not intended as a direct sales initiative, several participants expressed their intention to acquire 4M software when they get to the point, and have a chance to work on their first project under the new regulations. It is expected, that the new digital process and the new BIM reality, will spread to private construction projects as well once it has proven its worth in the public sector.
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