In Singapore, where BIM has taken off with a roadmap to push widely across construction industry by 2015, Team Design Solutions, the 4M Partner in Singapore, is organizing courses which aim at introducing the BIM reality to the engineering community with short courses in collaboration with Institute of Technical Education ( . BIM Architectural design with IDEA and MEP design with FINE, constitute the subject-matter of those courses. Thiam Seng Goh, the Business Development Manager of the Teamdesign Solutions, commented: We'll keep these courses running, first of all to support the engineers to become familiar with the BIM Technology, and secondly to show them that they can work with really powerful and familiar alternatives, which however cost only a small fraction of the price of their competitors. Course participants can get up to speed quickly and complete the given exercise because of the ease of using IDEA. Our resident PE , Mr Har and our Engineers were also on hand to share some of their industry experience.
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