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Yes, that’s right. As you may have assumed, Beats Audio on HTC phones has nothing to do with hardware; it’s just an advanced audio equalizer. - This info is according to their developers... ouch.

Now, celebrate! Oh wait there is one more comment which I believe we all want to happen.

...However, we still have to wait for the ultimate phone that features Motorola build quality, HTC aesthetics, and Samsung screens and internals.

Isn't that right? Moto - durability, MAXX, HTC - elegance, choice of materials, Samsung - AMOLED, then either Tegra3 or Snapdragon 4 (dual core, yes dual 1.5Ghz, and LTE) will do...

Dreaming. Waking up now.
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I'm assuming Beats EQ specifically focuses on the low frequency range for heavier bass?
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