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Forgive me this Facebook-like moment, but this is what I have on repeat this morning. In a moment of weakness, I checked my Facebook account (gasp!) and saw a cousin on the Mainland posted Dean Martin's "Let It Snow" in honor of the white stuff he got last night. Well, we don't have snow - not counting the Big Island summits - but we do have a Holy Night and we do have the incredible Uncle Willie K with one of the best renditions of this Christmas classic you will ever hear.

Mele Kalikimaka to my Google+ ohana.
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We have snow... Did you notice the snowflake on the YouTube bar? It's snowing on my desktop as Uncle Willie K sings... ;-)
I did notice that +James Pakele. I almost felt a chill. ;-) If this wind keeps up tonight, I'll definitely feel a chill.
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