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Odd Bits of News & Data That Interested Me
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Interesting Articles and News

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What type of patient are you? Learn the benefits of segmenting patients to deliver better healthcare.

Learn more here:

Psychographics Are Just as Important for Marketers as Demographics

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Do the right thing. However, if it is worth doing, do the thing right. When what you are working on can blow up and cost people’s lives, process and procedure matter.

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No one can really say where your data goes after you opt-in. Is the Wild West of data sharing good for marketing in the long run?
Why It's Boom Time for Location Data Sharing
Pokémon Go Tracking Is No Match for Location Data Partnership Explosion  
FTC Warns New Tech Uses Inaudible TV Tones to Track User Viewing  
Nearly Every Baseball Stadium and Half of NBA Arenas Now Studded With Mobile Beacons  
Watch this shopping technology track your every move  
Wearable Technology Enters the Workplace  
Consumer Confidence in Online Privacy Hits 3-Year Low  
Selling Secrets of Phone Users to Advertisers  
Brokers Trade on Sensitive Medical Data with Little Oversight, Senate Says - Digits - WSJ  

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How to seize everyday negotiation opportunities at work...Do you know how to recognize and seize chances to move into a better role, change an untenable situation, or ensure that you get credit for extra work?

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Many people believe that if they are not in Sales, they do not negotiate. Look closer. What you learn may surprise you.

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Your IT operations are an important part of your Sales Team. Can you explain why?

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What do our resource allocation decisions say to the people on both sides of the gun?

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Disengaged employees get the blame for a lot of corporate problems these days. What is costlier than a disengaged employee? A disengaged CEO. What’s in your culture?

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Trust is a feeling that is not given easily. It costs even more the second time.

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