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Moscatelli Gianfrancesco
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my heart hit the stars
I collect hair from the wind
harmonious streets
I stole laughter
on the pavement
blue children
I dreamed blue eyes
I wiped the tears
Pink silk handkerchief scented with
He was crying sun shine in blue
ah be homesickness
land two supporters
two comrades
One strange
One of glory
weeping souls
The chief pleasure in the universe
and I silent scream
eyes in the sea Ilgıt
love love the seas
One of my poison people
but one glorious
I gather from storms YiGiT
One earth
one half
Blue-faced children
He drank blood
I swallowed poison
did you hear that
işittinm the
I'm in love
As Agladınm blood
As half
As life
I thought the game of contrasts
A bread
an onion in
I got flavor
I drink Blue children
The rights of maritime justice
I've seen people in my generation
A poison
a medicament
Poor memories
I had dreamed of white
the blood rose
signing date, the universe will take
Blue will always laugh
I cried the Procedure
I was ashamed of my love
differences of race jester
two-sided mirror enemy
whereas blue children smile
He knows
hoes half of the two lines blank range
My home city bandit
smoky eyes longing
I cold winters
Blue-cheeked children in my baharlarım
tears in the clouds
rights in the world
Hereafter sprinklers
a piece of blessing
to be given
We cry for rights
We stand up for rights
Blue will always laugh
Signature Blues
Injured ..... .....

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Freddo siberiano da Oymyakon (eccezionale) 
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Le saline di Margherita di Savoia: una meraviglia a pochi passi da casa
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15 Maggio (20 anni fa), Oggi accadde:
Gino Strada fonda Emergency" 1994: «Se uno di noi, uno qualsiasi di noi esseri umani, sta in questo momento soffrendo come un cane, è malato o ha fame, è cosa che ci riguarda tutti. Ci deve riguardare tutti,...
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#accadde #emergency #gino #strada #maggio #fondazione #fame #guerra #ruanda  #campagna #internazionale
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