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This isn't for me, someone I know. His mom is disabled and he's got kids who'll be left behind. Every bit helps.

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CWoD V:tM LaRp and HST's Birthday

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The sound of Archangel's abs

Living with the Carnival
Life in the Carnival isn’t as bad as it could be. Members of the troupe are provided very nice RV units, designed by ‘investors’ to withstand the frenzy of an angry Garou. Up to four individuals, or a single family, can occupy the units. This caravan-like structure is heavily borrowed from the old-style Travelling Circus, as it provides both community and security.
In-troupe mortals or those approved by The Caretakers are allowed to come and go from local towns and purchase things the Carnival wants or needs. Of course, handling charges are applied. One of the members even keeps a small shop in his unit to ensure day-to-day wants are met.
When you first join the troupe, you are given duties, along with your specific job. You very well may be this month’s title belt holder, but you’re still responsible for gathering the community’s garbage and hauling it to the dump. While some tasks change hands to ensure they get done to ensure fairness and completion, when someone finds a talent to a particular task, they find it easier to acquire each time. You pull a paycheque, your income determined by each nights take.
The Caravan travels from town to town from Argentina all the way to Alaska, arriving in a town within a days trip. They then set up in a local farmers field, camping space, etc, paying handsomely for privacy.
Two large cargo trucks haul The Ludus, which is set up overnight, ready to be used by dawn the next day. The Ludus is a large, collapsible training facility, full of gear, several wrestling spaces, and even a section for practice with more deadly weapons.
The ring, affectionately nicknamed ‘Tartarus’ by the Mistress, is housed in a separate trailer, where the ‘Circus Maximus’ is always stored, a grand tent with collapsible seating, as not every town or village can provide the fighters with appropriate accommodations to work in.
For the Kindred of the troupe, they are often given leave to hunt in selected areas. In the more corrupt areas, sometimes they may be set loose on crowded prisons, hospitals overflowing with the ill, or any other place riffraff gather that would be best put to pasture. The city officials in charge of their oversight, then bribed or memories altered to ensure discretion.
The Garou and Shifters of the Carnival have their own, uneasy, Caern. They do not form a cohesive group, as they are all lone wolves, cast aside by their packs, with limited say to their comfort, and the inability to eject a pack member, except through an unfortunate accident. As the Ludus opens, the Shifters re-open the Ludus and its spirits. (Unsurprisingly, the guardian spirits are one of War and one of Travel) Often, they find themselves at odds if a strong local Caern is opened nearby. Typically, if a local caern is known, the Shifters of the troupe approach the local Caern to determine if they are welcome, even temporarily, before opening the Ludus.
For the Mages, the situation has quite different. At this point, the Order of Reason has won this war and the terms of surrender have been agreed upon. The Technocracy is not so foolish as to believe the elimination of Tradition mages is an absolute must. They represent a means of survival and a form of magical research best tucked away for future use. Nonetheless, Mage numbers are very limited, those far too Deviant are quickly executed to keep the wrinkles of Paradox from distorting the fabric of the Tapestry from the perfect picture they seek to create. The Carnival is granted access to a handful of Registered Magi, their operations carefully monitored.
Changelings have an interesting lot in this world, the gates of imagination have been flung open, and while the collective memory of Mortals has mostly dismissed fantastic events as a whole, the memories and fantasies of what occurred in the pre-millennium has lit up imagination across the world, reflected in the modern media and online world. Changelings find themselves faced less and less with the effects of Banality, but the concern that they are known by other beings, who if they wish to eliminate their influence, will seek to do so.
Hunters have a special place at the Carnival, serving mainly as security and rarely in the ring. They seek out potential problems among the audience, oversee the sacrifices of disruptive creatures sent to appease them by the Supernatural masses, and they watch.
There are, in fact, mere mortals among the Troupe. Very few are unaware of the nature of their neighbors. As the community promotes paranoia and mistrust of the outside world, this helps keep those within the troupe in line. These mortals, also, tend to be pushed beyond normal limits by their gifted colleagues and tend to offer a little more after just a few months of hard training in the Ludus. Any mortal who has tried to report their colleagues to the proper authorities has found themselves locked away and sedated in local institutions, because, obviously, these people shouldn’t take wrestling so seriously. It’s all staged, after all.
The Carnival of Pain events are broadcast and edited via social media. While you would think offers would be pouring forth to ensure a corporate future for this group, indeed, something both ensures their financial feasibility and prevents them from becoming too big. (Some Mages have suggested the Syndicate ensure their fame, fortune, and hinderance.)
All events take place on the ring, known as Tartarus, when set up, prevents supernatural beings from accessing normal powers (Similar to Normalicies in the Fomori books) natural healing, or coming and going across the Veil. This levels the playing field during events, and has surprised a vindictive beastie or two when they attempted to hurt the Troupe’s members or audience.
A few other points have similar qualities around the Carnival grounds (Such as Little Tartarus in the Ludus, or The Joint, one of the Carnivals portable watering holes made from the two cargo trucks that haul the Ludus.)

Wrestling of Darkness
The Carnival of Pain
In 1999, the Red Star appeared in the sky. It was the portent of End of Days to every Supernatural being. In a frenzy, all seemed determined to either hold off the final days, or execute their darkest wishes before the end came…
….And then the star faded from the sky.
For making their presence known not only to each other, but to the mortal worlds, the price to pay was exceptionally high. The Hunters came, as did those mortals who knew. Their weapons, advanced, capable of destroying a waking Antediluvian, their gaze was directed upon those supernatural beings now.
It is the year 2015.
For 15 years, the Hunters have done their grim work. The noose has tightened. Courts, Cabals, Caerns have all brought their trusted allies closer, blockading entry to those who seek shelter, as only one small, stupid move could undo them all.
Where, then will those who have no home go?
For some, the Carnival is an option.
The Carnival is a strange thing. It is not quite a carnival, there are no rides, no tents filled with the deformed, no hawkers, and very few games. The Carnival’s full title is known as The Carnival of Pain, and for a single night in each stop, it can introduce you to a fantastic night, filled with thrilling acts of strength and courage. You can also catch a few great live band shows. The Carnival of Pain is actually a travelling wrestling organization, hosting shows on par with Luche Underground or Asian Extreme Wrestling organizations. It is a spectacle of sweat, and blood that regularly attracts a powerful fanbase.
Many of the Carnival members are Supernatural beings. They are allowed to exist, and roam within the confines and boundaries of the Carnival, as they are tightly controlled by Mistress Skotadi and her flunkies. Their existence is a form of freedom, as well as a prison. The Hunters view their existence as a negotiation, as they know not all creatures are deserving of extermination, nor can they hunt down every stain upon the Earth. The Carnival is not only this, but a chance to study these beings up close, as they are tools, tucked aside, ready to serve if demanded.
Because of this, they are both distrusted by many supernatural groups, and viewed as a dumping ground of problem people. If you are foolish enough to anger the Prince, you may find yourself in a match with a member of the Carnival, to the screams and cheers of a crowd that truly believe…it’s all just a show.
If you survive, you may be allowed to return home. Home may never be the same for you. If you are extremely lucky, you may be offered a place within the Carnival, so long as you understand foolish behavior means death. There is no jury, there is only Mistress Skotadi. Thumbs up, you live, thumbs down…

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Whatever happened to "don't be evil"? +Google​ Avoider' Google Banned From Canadian Leaders' Debate -

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