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Share this picture if your are 1st Generation User of Google+
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Share this picture if your are 1st Generation User of Google+.
How do I share this pic? 
poeples r fed up from social networkin site SO google has to make some effort
I was here in the first couple of weeks, the first 10 million (!) does that count me in?
So how do you know if you're 1st generation or not?
Yes, we're the first. Hopefully not the last, though, eh?
I was one of the very first people to join Google+...awesome site!
I joined in july so not sure if thats what you mean by first gen 
Me too. Good to see loads more people too, not much activity in my stream :(
Al Ca
Me too!
الله وانا معاكم
So, did you create this badge? I'm trying to find the source.
I have the badge posted a while back. It's fun to be in the first gen! Thanks.
The ripple of this post must be fun to look at.
Kisha K
Nothing is like the first! 
Wow a new generation has started
it has a better future than fb i guess
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