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FACT: Evolution of a photographer!!!!
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Love this! It does work exactly like this. Some just take a bit longer to evolve, but most eventually get there!
That's great! The longer I look at it, the more truth it speaks.
That downward sloping trend is also seen in his bank account

Edit: I really should read the comments before making the same joke as +chad kelley
This is the evolution of a gear head...
well it look good but can somebody answer my question : is man relly evolve from apes coz i don't..... i don't event look like them,.....
You're the coconut and banana delivery man's kid, that's why.
I love that I'm forced to view what Google wants me to.
what does penultimate man do?
true that is wat we call experience which is called now as evolution
You forgot the guy with the magnesium dust and the cape over his head ;o)
Jenny A
Where can I get a wallpaper size of this? I'd love to put it on my desktop.
I cant tell what the last one is is it a army guy or some thin
1st guy has spy cam? or...just not a photographer? Thinking about a camera?
Evolution to Revolution:D Same
Just do it you can find the nature.
ha ha ha ha ha ha correct haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
so nice . .. but i still long for the next. . . . .
Backwards One !! :)

Although i don't believe (Convinced) with Evolution Theory....
lolz. This is true to those who became paparazzis.
D Stahl
I love it.Point and shoot, to extreme gear guy. It all comes full circle now with camera phones in our pockets and soon the lytro camera coming out. I have got some great pics with Iphone, as well as my D90, and even older cameras I have, it all comes down to what you got on you at that time.
Any chance of you selling this? I'd like it on my wall... You could use the seller function on 500pix.
Hi Christina. Cooles Bild. Auf jeden Fall erkenne ich die Phasen anhand von Beispielen aus meinem Bekanntenkreis wieder. Ich denke die Abbildung trifft den Kern. Viele Grüße. Steffen
I am surfing in an environment full of nerds and I love it ! The technology is just plain awesome and mind bogbling
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