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Albert Garcia's Pinatubo Shot is included in National Geographic's 100 Best Pictures and TIME's Great Images of the 20th Century! It was taken using a Canon T90 set to 1/250 sec at f/8.
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One of the greatest photographs ever made, and part of the reason I studied volcanology!
I did not, but that shot would have made it even if it was taken with pinhole camera :) The great news is that Albert Garcia used a S90 :)
+Sumit Sen :Its easy to take a quick photo with pinhole or mobile camera but ...when it comes to dslr manual mode it sucks most situation ...and this photograph is a mix of courage , creativity and caliber..
I remember when this volcano erupted. Now its massive power can be remembered in this amazing shots.
hot clouds roll in that often accompanies an eruption, we called WEDHUS GEMBEL. that is suicide photo because it's destroy all that is passed ... big thumbs
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drive like the wind, bullseye!
Keep up the good work cool person
Mother nature at her destructive best..
very cool picture :-)
super....................but i did't get what it is
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