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If you can read this hit the share button, but don't give it away.
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LOL! I mean, yes I can read it. Makes me tired though ;)
I see a spider jumping out of a toilet
it's much easier to read if I move the computer window
And it also makes you wanna puke lol. I can read it but it really made me nauseous
Now try to read what was written above the image.
All of you that "Can't Sleep" you should really try getting off Google+ and you might can ;)
oh come on the person says 'don't give it away'
Is someone worried that clowns will eat them? 
Kard N
"I Can't Sleep" ---- Now I cant see.. LOL
neat, took me a moment to read but I can
Took a few seconds to come into focus, cool!
R Pham
looks like a spider web.
i cant sleep haha who has the time to do this
Lil Fur
Lil Fur here Representing the Official M-Town (Memphis, TN).. Down South Hustlin Junkies!!!!! The Devil Comes To GA on the NEW YEAR!!! Who is gonna get me there to duel him?? Freestyle wild child here ready to give the Devil his Due Like ole' Johnny the fiddle player. New ERA New Music for the devil to fight with NoW!!! See you guys hopefully
"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep...." I must go now.
Rocky R
Elisha Battles is a pirate hooker for spoiling it! The rest of you spoilers are her skervy-ass johns...
I cant sleep or "nu pot sa dorm" in romanian language !! :D
i useto not be able to read these things for some reason
I swear, if this comes true tonight I'm gonna be pissed! lolz
I CAN'T SLEEP FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I never have problems with these.. read it right away. Maybe my brain is weird!
lol i couldnt read it at first because the picture was too small and i was sitting too far away from the screen, the illusion didnt work till i zoomed in :P
+Jon Gauntt Don't know if that is the same: I close one eye and still can read it. Perhaps you are too tired? ;-)
I saw it as soon as I knew I was supposed to see something. I used to love magic eye books.
What's wrong with me ??? I can never see these things!
+Paddy Gree Yeah, at first I thought it was one of the 3D pics... then I realized it was just lines and that I could see it and deleted my comment... alas, it was too late.. lol
L Quinn
wow! that was crazzzy... me like!
L Quinn
where did you find that?
Great, now I'll be up all night...
It also says don't tell anybody. hehehe
DOH I could read it but someone gave away secret - BAD PERSON!
well...i cant sleep, so might as well look to here...
Ok... I guess it's bedtime for me too!!! :-)
Not that hard to read, just get close to the computer screen and there it is... (Great idea)
i noe i got iht already i just felt like saying that it got me really dizzy
took a minute .. or two, now it won't go away
Who didn't give it away? Ugh, I already saw it anyways but at least I can follow directions.
yeah a lot of people are stupid spotlight hoggers
Yeah... I Can't Sleep ...
Why not? Cool pic. Thanks for sharing!
stop working on things like this and you may be able to sleep LOL
That was funny. At first it was just a bunch of diagonal lines and then the words just appeared. Now I can't not see them. Maybe it will cure my insomnia.
Why can so many people can read the words in the picture, but they can not read the clearly written part. "don't give it away" What is wrong with you people?
Obvious lack of correct grammar is disappointing.
i can read it says i can't sleep but i so don't have an problem sleeping i can sleep 14 hours straight so there full of energy and only need tea lol!
14hrs? i'm sure i read somewhere that too much sleep is unhealthy.
How to give people headaches, step 1) email them this picture.
How did you make this.

Haha, too much winning!
The guy who wrote it CAN'T SLEEP, but I can.
Wow, that is pretty amazing.
Man do I ever feel SLEEPY when I read this... ;)
What part of "but don't give it away." don´t U understand? :)
tell me
@ Nithin Prabhakar why u can't sleep...?
It's awesome that so many people thought posting "I can't sleep" would be clever: so awesome.
I can read it, but won't share just because asked; not that interesting.
chusoooo kuthayyy chusoooo (that means suck it bitch)
"i cant sleep"
Is it............???????????
I had to look at it cross-eyed to get it! LOL!
I can't see it..what's it say?
Takes a bit of refocusing of your eyes and induces a headache, but I can read it.
This is the first one of these illusions I was actually able to read. I can never see the writing. 
I know what it says without even getting a headache! it only took seconds for me to just look at it to find out what it said!
I get it now,it says " I CANT SHIT"
i couldn't read this until i zoomed in (ctrl-+)
hahaha reading all of these comments, I feel like this is more of a social experiment than an optical trick ^_^ hehehe o people people people people paper paper paper paper...
I can't sleep is what it says
Too funny, thats exactly why I am looking at this.
Last week someone posted this and it took me ~1 minute to see it. Today I'm super tired and I saw it in like 1.5 seconds.
Why in the hell am I seeing this? I never signed up for this "What's hot" crap. And as near as I can tell I have no way of removing it. This is how Google+ works? I have to see a bunch of inane posts just because a bunch of other people have?
Its " i cant sleep" because u r in love, just stable your eyes u can read, but who create this good one!!!
I've seen this so many times on FB... sigh
You might can... someone needs sleep...
xue lu
i see it~~~“I CANT SLEEP”~~~
Haha, I love how I can make the picture look two different ways now.
what is ur problem sir, why u can't sleep, take two or three alzulam. BUT THIS IS NICE.......
...i see it, but i mean why would you post this. can you actually not sleep or what?
Really made me laugh; bc tonight it is so true.
This should be a kind of captcha
then? what point to ready this...??
I can't read you have a version in English? Oh, wait, this is one of those 3D things you have to cross you eyes? HEY...THE REST OF YOU...IF YOU CAN'T SLEEP THEN GO TO BED, QUIT POSTING!
Got it...says "Ic, ants leep! Is that French?
I got It yar I Cant Sleep its Right na
I CANT SLEEP..... its not that much tricky...!
That's VERY clever, how on earth do you do that?
NIce One.............................
I cant sleep
whts hard in this 2 read?...
"I cant sleep"
so jaaaoo warna gabbar aa jaayega..
it says I CANT SLEEP..... quita easy task.....
I share your pain too! " I Can't Sleep". Just a consolation.... you are not alone! Now go to bed....enough talking.
Hyon Ho
Wow! It's a schooner!
don't start an insomnia epeidemic!! :-)
نميتونم بخوابم
i cant sleep is written in the above attachement
How many missed the first part?
"If you can read this hit the share button, but don't give it away"
k pax
i can't sleep
Sof K
"i can't sleep" try using some sleeping pills. it might help.
Wow, look at all you people giving away the answers. You all just think you're SO smart.
Now, neither do I... after trying to read that..shoot..
Ha.. looks like Neeta read the squiggles, but not your instructions!
sorry dear all coz i can sleep at night no issue as yet
Awesome it when I focussed and defocussed.

ya, i cant sleep is what it says. prety cool
I'm happy, that I CANT SLEEP - because I stand up! :))
Haha that's soooooo fucking trippy xD
The screen is too small on my iPod but I can see some letters!
OHHHH i see it!!!!! <3
Will P.
Cool. I can, right now! Lol.
Lol @Christy Shine at first I saw can lee too lol they call them smart phones.....
Remove T and sleep wellllll
i can read it sooo easy schochet
Stands out quite well for me. Probably because my eyes are weird.
easy i(i can't sleep) bye the way
I read it easily without reading the comments but... When I stare at it long enough it starts to disappear.
akari d
Ommggg me neither!
On my phone it said can lee :-P but now I can read it
It's easy to read it says I can't sleep
Good job on not giving it away! It was easy though!
It took me a while but I got it I can't sleep yae me
This is difficult at night.You might need some Nightquil or any type of sleeping medicine
It is I can't sleep it is cinda ofeos so😋
It is I can't sleep it is cinda ofeos so😋
I can totally read it. Haaaaa!! I'm tired.😴😴
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