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You are sadly wrong, the OLD AND New Testament were all written in ARAMAIC/HEBREW and You can get the AENT and prove this; read a few 491 Fallacies Written in the KJV and even more in New International Version NIV; over 400 I can show you as Contradictions of names meanings, events, dates, and holidays etc.
Also see the forbidden bible verse for my Jewish people: Vimeo.Com/Eplott/Forbidden

Thanks! and don't forget to check this link here: Andrew Gabriel Roth Primacy of Aramaic in the New Testament
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Africa Moringa Hub (AMH) is the Pan African Network of Moringa friends, gathering together people who produce, process, retail, consume, or carry out research on Moringa. It aims to promote the advantages and benefits that the Miracle Tree of life provides to the population for its wealth and health. HARD COPY OR EBOOK HERE:
To achieve its goals, AMH has launched the Africa Moringa Series (AMS) which is an editorial project for the promotion and spread of Moringa through publishing booklets on various aspects of that gift of God.
The first booklet of this series gives its readers among others the opportunity of revisiting Moringa under the agricultural, nutritional, commercial, animal feeding as well as Tea processing aspects. A selected list of Moringa Recipes in the booklet constitutes finally the icing on the cake.
We wish our readers a pleasant reading under our Slogan:
Eat and Plant Moringa!
READ THE REVIEWS ON THE NUMBER #1 Soap known to man! We are selling out of this astonishing soap!
Watch. We are vacation time It's been four days and I am on vacation in France. It's beautiful here. Going to Israel next and promise you will get this link. Yah tropical hugs broda. PRIVATE MESSAGE ME YOUR NAME EMAIL AND ADDRESS AND REPS WILL SEND YOU YOYR YAH LINK.
Lol. I am freed in deed. Loving life and living the dream. Couldn't be more happy right now. Love you man.
You know we have over 4000 Affiliates now and I am making you one of the top my brother. Getting a representative. Jay to work with you today. Just pm me your email.
Off facebook now I have to enjoy my life. If anything facebook is annaunki slave time. They got you right where they want to when you are on facebook for losers; Jews site. Lmao.MIGHT . AS WELL BE MAKING MONEY, If You are on here, Who Cares, POST A LINK And No HIDDEN FEES OR CHARGES EVER! Don't Have To Buy A PRODUCT OR HAVE A WEBSITE OR SHIP ANYTHING EVER! Just Share Your "YAH LINK"

Got to intend my real life now. Logging out and off. Yah link coming soon. Look what we made this quarterly. Serious.
Kid you not. That is ours :) charity in secret is what we are called to do my friend. Love and in Yahuwah saves is yahushua. We are exposing the Vatican and tranny Hollywood next 2018. Year of truth surface. Yippee
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This may be too real for some.
Yahuwah is not trying to Scare the Hell out of You, Yahushua is loving you into the Kingdom of Heaven
His Real Name is Yahuwah ~TheMoringaQueenCom

His Real Name is Yahushua Video: #2

Zeitgeist Shamefully Debunked Once and For All VIDEO:
Hell_ You've Got it All Wrong! VIDEO:

TheKazweh.Com Reviews of TheMoringaQueen.Com found here

Yahushua is the true name of the Messiah PROOF:

LuniSolar Calender of Truth, Most Accurate Precise Measurement of Time ever: READ MORE ABOUT THE HOLY CALENDER:

Yahuwah isn't trying to scare you into hell and damnation; Yahushua is trying to love you into Heaven.
~E.G. Plott~

Eric PlottL
Either serve in Heaven or be burned up in hell (into ashes after seventh trumpet and not intended for eternity. )
Yahushua be with this person and heal them in the name of Yahuwah.


I would love to start a new religion. Plain and simple; No buildings and no authority or eldership or bishops etc. We all meet on our mountain top. And the entire time , we take turns, simply reading entire books out of our holy Bible (King James version only ) and call him by his real name which is Yahushua (Jesus Christ) and Yahuwah (Father God the creator of all known as Yahweh or adoshem Elohim )

Instead of taking loans from banks or building a building. We just purchase a descent plot of land in the mountains near the springs or river.

It's simple we just follow every single word of Yashushua and his living word from the King James Version Bible only. And we research actual history of the 1611 King James Bible and even versions prior from Greek and Vatican versions (Watch youtube video "Battle of the Bible's Plott Palm Trees)

Nothing is about money, in fact no tithe plate is present. You can of course donate things to the land and help pay the lands due off. We would teach the children how to read publicly the Bible and teach them how to tend the land and grow off the soil and seeds that are heirloom. Our direction or mission would be "No Compromise"

We really, are really about helping the people. Need your bills paid, with any donations available and tithes made cheerfully in secret as a charity, with yashuah and Holy Spirit guidance, if you needed money to do so our "church " would do it.

This is The first religion that has no regards for religion.

We would say call it the "Bride of Yahuwah and his son Yashushua"

There would absolutely never be a building. All services are available on the solar Lumia calendar which is always 4 weeks and starts on the 1 day (Saturday) and goes a week and day of rest on 7th day and 8th day would start it back. This is the most biblically accurate and actually the most precise measurement of dates and time (research how we use the Beast calendar of darkness and we shouldnt be) We go off the Vatican deceptive version called the Lunar or Solar calendar. Both are one in the same and always screwed up. We should live according to Gods time which is the Solar Lunar calendar.

We then would know the accurate days of rest. When he says labor for six days in the weeks, he means tending the land and living off your harvest and produce. You aren't suppose be a slave to darkness with 9-5 jobs and paying taxes to church's or governments. This only proves we are enslaved. God meant labors in your land.

Which land used to mean HAPPINESS. This country's slogan was, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness"; well it used to read "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of LAND".

God knew for man to be happy, he would need to be free for enjoyment of real freedom. This can only incur when you aren't enslaved by the land but rather own your own land. That was true happiness and still is.

Being apart of this church would never cost you anything. We strictly only live according every single living word that Yahushua said in the New Testament.

We fear nothing and no man and beast. We are one with him and at peace this gives us our fruits of the spirit in plenty abundance. He will bless us and we don't use currency or money to fulfill this message. We only live by charity and this is love.

You all would live to your own harvest; whatever you put in, you would get out and you could even secretly give to other who didn't have this organic produce.

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Watch The Full Edition here:

Watch Full Picture video behind the scenes here:

"Believe Raw Belize"

Astonishing Tennesee Video:

20 Palm Trees Plotted in 24 Hours Movie Enter the Midwest Tropics 2017Β©

Are you excited to view the astonishing "Believe Raw Belize" mini documentary. I am stoked to present my most enthralled visual educational adventure on rainforest jungle level quality superfoods! This is going to be awesome. Check out my Vlog as well; it has the full scoop story about the trip there. Please email personal message me if you have anything else to contribute to my Belize informational, if you see any mistakes or additional insights.
I am so proud of myself with this production, as I have over 5 hours plus of pictures and videos and I meticulously was able to cut it down into a picture video and 5 part segments, into a 2:49:08:18 hour minute full length feature video. This was the most challenging work I have ever done to date; I also have broken it down into 20 minute segments that will be available on Youtube. Main Movie premiere will be open for free viewing at
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Best Man Around. Gentleman, Scholar, and a Saint; as well as healing Genius of our Modern day!

Talk to Eric Plott, He's the man for this. Truly a healer and what he does for humanity is more than your doctor will do. So sorry to hear about this. . I hope talking to Eric will Help! I have no doubt!!! Check out his Work too! Amazing Stories, He Really is an amazing soul. If there be a better man, it would be his twin brother. Read all the thousands of human testimonial research clients of his, make sure you read the Plott Palm Trees reviews from trustpilot, and each and every testimony is legit and honest, unlike many conventional company's out there that get paid for reviews and crisis actors to make up story's. I know all of Eric's customers and worked with him to find that everything he says and does is 100% honest and legit. It would blow your mind to see the cases and miracle stories that unfold right before my eyes. He is a genius of healing and nutrition information. God has blessed us with Eric Plott and this gift has favored others with his amazing insight and truth movement. We really need to support him and come together to lift this man up, his movement could really manifest an army that could change the world forever and take over the dirty elite that 1% that currently rule the world. I learned from Eric, that the idea of how the earth being flat makes sense, because the earth is really smaller than what we have been programmed to believe, so it makes us feel trapped or hopeless; like we are much too small to do anything about all the problems in the world. Eric Plott has proven that just one person can change the world, even if there are 9 plus billion humans on this earth! Support this man, donate, join his tribe, and his champion alliance; give all you can to this man's work, because he is the realest deal out there, when you purchase produce of his, it is so much more than just giving money to his business, it is literally promoting the greatest truth known to date. Keep this company alive, because did you know Eric Plott does everything you see by himself, other than our support financially when you buy from him, he does all the videography, Photo work, product development, all the websites are created by him, he puts all the storyboards together, he takes his time to educate people who call in wanting to know about health and nutrition, he does all the packaging for each and every order made on all his websites and ships the miracle boxes of his out for delivery in a timely prompt manner, he does all his own marketing & advertising, bookkeeping and accounting, each and every social network site, he maintains relationships with all the thousands of customers he has, and then he attended Harvard & Cornell university while juggling all of this and having to divert actual DEATH THREATS and attacks from Medical insitute advisors and even doctors & nurses, people in government and power. Know this, is Eric Plott is killed, the system and media will say that he committed suicide or that got in some accident; rest assured, if this man dies, it was because someone in power hates his message of truth and they will stop at nothing to make sure he is killed. Don't buy the lies and we need to protect this man, because he deserves it, I am so sick of seeing men that are real activist that are true hero warriors such as Earth Man Eric Plott, and then the government goes on a smear propaganda campaign to destroy that hero with lies, hype, and deceptive motives to write them off and remove them from the picture. We cannot have this happen, for Eric Plott is among the last real Messengers of Valor we have left, He can save the planet and make this world great again; we need to not overlook this astonishing Godscent and really put our money where our mouth is, if we are giving to phony churches, ponzi scheme charity organizations, and paying for hopeless medical drugs and making the doctors rich instead of natural alternative organizers that put their entire life and neck out on the line for us. ERIC PLOTT IS A MIRACLE MAN! Support him with your life, because he has saved so many millions of people and should win a Noble Peace Prize, they will never reconize him in the world, because he will never sell his human soul out to the Satanic System of LIes that only promotes and profits off of telling lies and murdering, while stealing from the people who put them into power. We need to put real men of honor and ethics in power. Look no further you have discovered Eric Geoffrey von Leonard Plott. Take him very serious.
~Rissa Brown
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