Brotherhood of Radiation introduces 7 new talent trees for Wasteland Cults. Here's one.

To follow the ecclesiarch talent tree one must belong to one of the wasteland’s major religions, such as the cryptic Brotherhood of Radiation or the powerful (and hegemonic) NuChurch. Individual members of these ecclesiarchies may be small cogs in a far greater machine, but they draw strength knowing they live and die for a cause that will outlast their struggles.

Conditioning: Your Mas increases by +1. In addition, you ignore any effect that results in bleeding (that is, a set hit point loss per round from bleeding wounds).

For The Cause: You are immune to fear, intimidation attempts, and morale-based penalties. Prerequisite: Unswerving.

High Priest: Your Leadership score increases by an amount equal to your Reputation.

Rigorous Indoctrination: You may spend an Action Point to gain immunity to mental control, influence, and domination for 10 minutes.

Shepherd of The Lost: Followers of your faith/cause gain a +1 morale bonus to saves so long as they are within 30 ft. of you.

Unswerving: You may re-roll any failed Will save once per day.
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