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Post-Apocalyptic Adventures

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Not sure if it's a glitch or not, but the Gencon Friday DW event has all it's slots open.  It was sold out when I first looked.  

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Moving all my GenCon Darwin's World Pregens to a Drive public folder. Just a few there now, but as I convert them to google docs I'll add them.  I think I probably have 30-40 pregens from various gencon adventures from the last 5-6 years.

I have 2-3 specific pregens for my gencon adventure this year, the rest of the party can pick any of these.   

Just an FYI to anyone going to gencon.

A group of 3 who had planned to attend my DW event at 1pm Sat have let me know they can't make it.

So there will be 3 generic slots open.

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Have to reshared this here (rather than the other way around).
Here's the intro chapter to Journey to Newhome.  It should give everyone a good idea of what this series will entail and its connections to the novel.   Wish I could share this under my DW page rather than my main stream.   #darwinsworld   #d20  

Events Run by Chris Davis:

To Kill a King (RPG1347404)
Darwin's World d20 Modern
You're troublemakers who have made a mess of one too many failed ventures and are captured when your last caper goes wrong. Enroute to your execution, you are given an offer to earn your freedom.

Hellhole (RPG1347405)
Darwin's World d20 Modern
You've been mustered for a daring raid into the lands usurped by the despised NuChurch, a warlike cult risen from the ashes of Salt Lake City and slowly conquering the peoples of the mountains.

Events Run by Jon Woodland:

Necropolis Nightmare (RPG1344043)
Darwin's World Savage Worlds
The Necropolis holds amazing treasures of the Ancients and terrors that can make your blood boil. Post-apocalyptic adventurers delve into the ruins of Los Angeles, in search of ancient technology.

Bow to the Master (RPG1344067) 
Darwin's World Savage Worlds
Post-apocalyptic mutants are ambushed by Doomriders while traveling home with newly purchased Fraxx Steeds. Will they escape alive, or bow to the master?

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Sample of the artwork in Journey to Newhome.  All by Dominic Covey.
Journey to Newhome
11 Photos - View album

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Don't look now, but we might actually have a new Darwin's World Adventure series.  

Submitted events to gencon.  Let's hope my tardiness doesn't get them rejected!  Good new is +Jon Woodland has two #savageworlds  Darwin's World events already submitted (and on time).

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d20 modern Pregens for Vespuloids Gencon 2012 event.
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