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Just as I thought was gonna happen. First the record company moves, and now WE'RE moving just so we can be close by (temporarily of course).

And if that's not enough, it's all happening UNDERWATER now!

Here's a photograph of our new place, taken by our friend Dungeon.

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BANDCAMPER SERIES (Reviews of fellow Bandcamp artists):
A perfect single for a head-bopping good time! I wanna hear more from these guys...

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We got ourselves a new website, baby!

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The original and the best!

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Only a huge budget can pull off a sophisticated music video like this. (sigh)

Record Store Day is tomorrow!

What are YOU calling dibs on?

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What's taking Prozzak so long with their new album?

When are Evelyn Evelyn gonna do a second album?
" " " Studio Killers " " " " " " " "

The record company's office is going under renovation, and they'll be moving elsewhere in the meantime.

Perhaps we should do something similar...
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