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This looks so exciting! and you looked fab in that dress!!!


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Toni is getting married Pt1
Image courtesy of As some of you may know, on my 30th birthday my boyfriend asked me to marry him. Although we had talked briefly about getting married at some point, it was a total surprise. I didn't think I was that ...

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30 x 30 update
Happy miserable rainy day. I hate this kind of weather. it's so draining. I swear I have SAD's. So far I think I have stuck to 30 different main items. I am now finding that I want to re wear some of the items I have already worn, so may end up converting t...

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30 x 30 OOTD's
Guess what? I am already a bit behind. I totally forgot to take photos on Saturday and I was a bit sleep deprived Sunday due to an impromptu firework party so I had a PJ day.  I did do photos yesterday so will catch up in the next day or so. Day 3 Alice and...

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30 x 30 - Post 1
I am throwing myself straight back into blogging my taking part in a 30 x 30 challenge thanks to Steph .   I haven't fully decided what my 30 items will be but I am going to try and wear something different everyday. Some items will be reused (black work pa...

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I have moved!
Hellllooooo!!! I have finally decided to come back to the world of blogging.  I won't harp on about my absence but I have done something I have been meaning to do for a while and purchased my own domain.  For those of you that follow me on Bloglovin', you d...

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OOTD - Floral Skate Baby Doll Dress
This Saturday was Style XL in Birmingham (that will be another post) and I had already planned on what I was going to wear. I saw this floral baby doll skater on the Simply Be website a week or so ago and knew it would be ideal.   I decided to get the tall ...

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From My Wardrobe
This weeks from wardrobe comes courtesy of one of Hollie's resent blogs sale. Seen as this is a new to me dress I decided that it would be perfect for this weeks From My Wardrobe (formally known as Wardrobe Wednesday). The dress is originally from Simply Be...

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Event - #TheCityGirls
On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the #TheCityGirls Leeds at the beautiful The Liquorist.  This is the second event that the lovely Lorna and Hollie have held, and I have to say it was great.  I love going to events where there is an array of blog...

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OOTD - Wardrobe Wednesday
I thought I was making progress getting through my wardrobe, as it goes, I am not. My aim is to post more often and more OOTD's from my wardrobe.   This weeks from my wardrobe is a New Look khaki shirt. I think I got it about October time last year and as w...
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