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I hate when someone asks me about something that I clearly stated in the email I sent them. Sometimes I just want to yell "DIDJA READ YOUR GODDAMN EMAIL??"

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Sometimes I wonder if people have their own opinions when they regurgitate links and pictures and quotes from the internet.
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If they provided some sort of insight to what they were reposting, like "this is what i think of this and i think you should read it too." I would be more inclined to see what's going on but otherwise I just end up ignoring those types of things.

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So... I need to see a bunch of these. Who's up for a geological road trip?

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Got free tickets to the Uptown Sampler tonight! Super excited to try some fancy samples.

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Camping faces This past Labor Day weekend we camped in Colorado for the first time in the three years we have been here! We went to Jackson Reservoir near Orchard on the eastern plains. It was about a two hour drive and after...

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For #ThrowbackThursday , what is a retro game that you found therapeutic? 

With the release of the #Sims4 , we're remembering how relaxing building a house was in #Sims2 !  

#Gaming #Sims #TheSims #Therapeutic #Relaxing #Relaxed #VideoGaming #TBT #RetroGaming #Retro #BlastFromThePast  

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I need dis
WANT! New #StarTrek #Borg Cube mini #fridge!  See more/get one here:
Have her in circles
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"A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets." #OnceIsFrozen

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Morning thoughts.

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AH! This looks amazing!
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