Best Practices...Really?

I'm not a member of My Blog Guest but if this is what is considered "best practices" it's not much of an endorsement. 

In a post that talks about the 10% that separates mediocrity from excellence in a guest post, there is absolutely no mention of the reader or providing value. 

As I read it, the writer is saying that excellence comes down to including a few authoritative links, a nice image or two and correcting the spelling errors. 

Setting the bar pretty high here aren't we?

But that's exactly how so many see guest posting. For them, it is nothing more than another cheap link building tactic. There is no interest in creating something of value for the reader of the website on which they are guest posting. It is all about the sacred back link and the back link only. 

Can you imagine the idea of writing a guests post because you want to reach the audience and have something of value to offer.

I've actually written guest posts myself in hopes of exposing my work to a new audience and the thought that they might click through to my site to learn more about me and what I do. The audience is usually the first criteria I consider when looking at the possibility of a guest post. It doesn't matter if I'm at the top of the search rankings if I don't have something of value to offer my visitors when they click through to my site.

When done properly, guest posting is a win/win for both parties. The publisher gets an article of interest to his readers. The writer is exposed to a new audience and earns the potential of growing his followers. 

(Just a romantic idealists I guess.)
We are talking about Best Practices for Linking this week ... and, boy, have I seen some great examples of why the discussion is needed.

Many times, writers are covering a topic for one reason only: to get a link pointing back to the site of their choice. (Gasp) Let's face it folks, it's a true story.

And, many times, the writer is getting paid to do that job. Cold cash. That's the aim. No concern for authorship (hired hands normally use pseudonyms), and little worry about anything but achieving the pre-set page rank goal).

End of story. Except ...

I once heard it said that the difference between mediocrity and excellence is about 10%. That's all; a measly 10%. And I believe it.

A writer who will take the time to include authority links (instead of leaving the self-serving link to stand out like a corn stalk in a watermelon patch), and who will exert the effort to find and add a few appropriate photos, and who will proofread the work and put some focus on being clear and concise ... that author will shine.

But ... I know. He's not being paid to shine. He or she is being paid to crank out a set number of words for precious few dollars, and there's not time to be great. There's not even time to be good. 

Some writers do want to shine, though, and I can tell you, for sure, that the team at My Blog Guest is hankering to help you shine. Not one person -whether admin or moderator - is trying to trip you up, slow you down, or pull a power trip. 

The entire aim is to provide a quality place for quality writers and quality publishers to come together to help one another succeed.

Guest Blogging is not going away, but Google is doing their best to make sure the scammers and spammers and link droppers do go away. And ... personally ... I'm glad of that.

We have an opportunity here to learn and grow and get better. But it's going to take a Community effort. Will you join us?
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