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Jim Lodico
Content Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Wordpress Website Developer, SEO Fanatic, Sailor, Mountain Biker, Dad
Content Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Wordpress Website Developer, SEO Fanatic, Sailor, Mountain Biker, Dad

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Handy social media resource. Lots to explore. 

Thanks to +Social Media Today for featuring the post this week.

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Dead or just not done well?
RIP the traditional blog
Are you still wasting your time creating long form blog posts that nobody seems to read?
Do you want more readers? Do you crave more engagement?
Well read this, ironically, long post to see where you are going wrong.
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#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediastrategy   #contentmarketingtips  

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The one map where I can get lost.

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Great step by step breakdown of today's keyword research. 

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Guest blogger +Nick Rojas shares six tools for getting your content out there. 

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I need to experiment with Headlines and Revive Old Posts. Both look like they could be very powerful.  

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Embed Google+ Polls?

One of the most interesting uses of G+ Polls that I haven't seen discussed is the ability to embed a poll on your website. Although I haven't tested yet, you should be able to embed a G+ Poll just like you would any other post. 

- Eliminates need for third party polling ap/plugin
- Extends reach of poll beyond website
- Poll could be used to bring people to website

Not so good:
- Could potentially pull people from website into G+ or other platform
- Poll cold potentially be seen in a number of varying contexts possibly affecting data collected in poll (if data collection is the goal of the poll).

And for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon:

Will you embed G+ polls in your website?
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Yes. I can't wait to try it.
No. Can't see a use for it.
I'm going to wait to see .

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Although "content marketing" may be the buzz word, it's more than just creating content. Content marketing is an all inclusive process that goes beyond just marketing with content.

Just got an email from someone offering to help provide content for my website. They offered to send over a word map to see if I could start incorporating any of them into the content I already produce. 

People are still dong this and worse yet, others are paying for it!!

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The Impact of "Likes"

Wired author +Mathew Honan  "Liked" everything in his FB feed for two days. The experiment demonstrates how FB (and I'm sure Google) feed on user data. Also demonstrates the challenge of moving content of value into a user's feed. 
Could the pursuit of today's indicators of online success (likes, followers, favorites, etc...) risk polluting the character and value of your social media engagement? Author Mat Honan conducted a two-day experiment where he 'liked' absolutely everything he saw on Facebook. The result was that he (and his friends) became quickly inundated with a tidal wave of noxious and banal content. As Honan warns, "[w]e go down rabbit holes of special interests until we’re lost in the queen’s garden, cursing everyone above ground." What safeguards do you use to be 'successful' online while still producing and attracting quality?
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