Oh dear, what happened here ?

First thing I thought was "it looks like an app", and in fact that might not be a bad thing.
The more the web evolves, it seems the more we're moving towards websites as dynamics apps, rather than static pages.
Buttons are chunky, pop-ups degrade beautifully, the stream glide down gracefully, it really is refreshing compared to the rather crude user interface of old google+, or say, facebook.
Now i don't totally understand why they moved the chat or the profile pictures on the profile to the right, and rather than "Trending on google+" i'd rather see "Trending in your circles" (because you know, i dont really care about whitney houston and ronaldo).

Overall I like it, but the layout seems a bit off, and as other people already pointed out, it misses the opportunity to create a good "new user" experience and introduce them to what Google+ actual purpose became over time : connect with likeminded people you may not know, all over the world.
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