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First pics of Modelling;
Hey guys these are my very first pics of modelling. I had better shots but I'm posting the first ones as they are very special to me!!! :) Bye Guys Yes they aren't top notch but they are Modelling Portfolio pics  If you don't know what that is, its basicall...

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Fgs I'm tired of everyone just giving me death threats and shit. Yeh I troll and shit and stuff but I never ever fucking bullied on anyone! And even if i did, for go god sake why are u crying? Its me whose saying it? so obviously its all load of shit! I onl...

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Little Me -Kellyx
Little Me when I looked like a clown and had "curtains" xD For those who are curious, they are my brothers Eddyy (he looks completely different and dare I say better looking o.O IK eww) and in the middle my brother Matty who still has the big ears today. AN...

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Aunny (NO HATE NEEDED) -Kelly
Best Boyfriend everrr(; I dont care if you guys think his ugly or anything;p But I find him attractive even though that doesn't matter(; So last thing I want is hate for him since he doesn't know I play MSP (he finds it "gay") and that obviously means that ...

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aww; -michelle*
My baby sis when she was little shes 4 now btw x

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Me - michelle
i found this pic on my folder its ugly k ik btw this was couple years ago in 2010(; 

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Me when i was little -michelle
I WAS SO DAM CUTE OMG (: X aww ahaha;'D

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My puppy- michelle

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Love WTF Facts and I read them everyday o_o  Ikr its so lame, i'm such a shame :( But Oh Well XD Here are some I just quickly went through images and found so don't start saying the facts are either known or shit because... I DONT GIVE A FU......DGE BTW lea...

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Did you notice the title? Yup IKR "Michelly". So I guess the cross between Michelle and Kelly is Michelly o_o BACK TO THE TOPIC: Just edited the playlist which took me forever! D; So hope you like it;p
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