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Sariah Ellsmore
Dabbler, Explorer, curious go getter
Dabbler, Explorer, curious go getter

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Dreaming about swapping skin suits
Swapping skin suits Dream   I had the ability to switch out skin suits. My
body could be put on and taken off like a piece of clothing. When I would step
into my skin I would immediately feel all the attachments and preferences
connected to the physical bei...

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You don't have to do it alone
“You don’t have to do it
alone”. One of my favorite Books The
Shack. I recently have been going
through a really dark and frightening transition in my life, one that I didn’t
want to even consider looking at,but needless to say life is about change and
we c...

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So much LOVE~
If God had come to me 23
years ago and said; Hey Sariah I have an amazing
adventure for you if your ready. You will fall madly in love
with a stranger, you will marry and make 4 beautiful babies, you will struggle
like you have never struggled before, money...

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body image secrets
Obsession Recently a girlfriend of mine
let me in on her little secret, she has been struggling with her weight. Every
day she wakes up thinking about what she can and can’t eat, she fights with too
much, too little, the right combination. She feels anguish...

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Why Burlesque?
Why Burlesque? Why not a musical or
something that has already been produced? My answer~ Why Not? Since I was a little girl all
I wanted to do was dance. I came from a very large family with very little
money. We moved all the time, at least once a year. An...

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Yoga Alchemy
Yoga Alchemy Why did I go and what did I
get? Originally I decided to go on
this yoga retreat because I was feeling like I would like to learn from great
teachers. I wanted to take some time for my self and do something different, to
have a little adventure...

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Oh Guatamala
Oh  Guatamala  Sitting on the deck over looking the Lago Atitlan early morning fog lifting from the water as the Suns rays filter in. The water calm and glassy a solitary boat moves silently through the mist. Yoga in the lotus Temple. Waking up into my body...

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Topless Ballooning
A balloon ride, three
friends, 3000 feet above the earth, topless. This all started as a pet
project. One day my girlfriends and I decided we would be travel bloggers. Our intention was to travel
the world, see exotic places, experience wonderful adventures...

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surrendering to life
Memory A young 24 year old pregnant
woman crying in a heap on the bathroom floor. Pleading to God to just make it
end. I was begging God to take
away my life and end the misery. The pain was tremendous and I knew I couldn’t
bare it for one more day. At the ...

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comfort zone
Comfort zone Waking up with a headache,
foggy brain, sore tired body, and heavy eyes, then jumping into a rental car on
the other side of the planet.   Trusting
that my navigation will take me safely through all the one ways and
roundabouts, narrow roads an...
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