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Hyvää Päivää!
Hyvää Päivää!

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One of those rare moments where my Blackberry device provides a better user experience than my iPhone: listening to a YouTube audiobook and being able to use any other app, or turn off the screen.

When this iPhone croaks, it will be replaced by an Android device.

Dear news sites that detect ad blockers:

By the time I read your plea to disable my ad blocker, you've already expended resources to get my attention, and I've already consumed your bandwidth and server cycles. You can either:

a) Show me the content, so I might link to your article and drive traffic to your site.

b) Hide the content, so I will definitely Google the headline, read the same story by a competitor, and drive traffic to your competitor's site.

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Thanks for helping, Facebook. Monetizing $0.20 worth of traffic is sure more important than helping someone find their dog.

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Dear +Taylor & Francis Group 

If you don't want us to cite your journals or authors, please keep putting up click walls in front of your abstracts.

Why does viewing a static abstract even require a cookie, when you haven't provided enough reason for me to decide if I want to interact with your site?

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"Yang’s procedure converts lignin, an organic polymer that makes plants woody and rigid. Ordinarily, it is wasted when plant biomass, including cellulose, is converted into biofuels like ethanol."

Why are US and Canadian fire exit signs placed overhead where smoke would be, and a similar red colour as fire?

Have we reached a tipping point in the importance of broadcast news to Canadian politics?

Between former journalists being investigated for corruption in the Senate, the CBC's lack of transparency, click bait and listicles becoming the norm for online reporting, the Toronto media' swear on Rob Ford, and now this, what audiences do broadcasters hope to retain?

Dear #Apple Yosemite: If I wanted to use a broken late 1990s build of GNOME, I would have installed it.

Thank you for randomly opening apps in full screen mode with no obvious way to change that setting, and for hiding the dock at the same time, and for making new Finder windows sometimes opening in full screen mode, and sometimes not.

While I can Cmd+Tab out of that, but the interface is in no way intuitive or obvious.

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Don't know if trolling terrorists, or  newly built Parliament building.

If the G+ mobile app required me to scroll through everyone on my list to find the people I want to share with, like the FB app does, I wouldn't have time theft to share anything at all.
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