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So they are looking for a senior technical architect who can also code and manage people and project delivery? Anything else? #badjobmarket

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Any way to retire @40 and start getting an unemployment allowance? Nah!

One take away from the Anna movement is that he demonstrated he has a wide public following. If he really is a leader with vision he should cash in on this and contest election under the banner of his team, in fact Bedi and Kejriwal should too. If they make it to the parliament it will restore the faith of people in the politics and politicians, have real people representation inside the Parliament and probably inspire other such civic leaders to enter politics. Only then we can actually start the cleansing & the "change" process, by sending our people to the right place.

The same set of people who chanted slogans for Anna without understanding what Jan Lokpal really is are now rejoicing his "win" without knowing that the "draft" is yet to be debated and will become a law only when passed in both houses of parliament.

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Stupidity has no limits, now @tatadocomo doesn't verify the email address, starts sending mobile ebills for some moron user at my email id.

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Damn! My host has been acquired by Happy Hosting Hope my data/sites get migrated peacefully.
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