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Feds explore eliminating private debt collectors for student loans
Feds explore eliminating private debt collectors from student loan system. Terrific move. 

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On The Perils of Being a Policy-Engaged Academic
Jon Gruber is getting a ton of heat for his comments on Obamacare, which were recorded in seminars. Jon was the intellectual architect of Obamacare, which has fundamentally changed how health care is funded in this country. Millions who did not have health ...

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Is Revenue at Public Colleges Really Stagnant?
I wrote in a recent
column  in the New York Times that tuition at public colleges has doubled over the past 25 years
but that, paradoxically, per-student revenue has
been flat . The explanation? State support for public colleges has
plummeted, leaving colle...

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Kids' Education and Parents' Longevity - Authors' Reply
I posted a piece to the New York Times Upshot this week discussing   a paper by Esther Friedman of RAND and Rob
Mare of UCLA. The authors were kind enough to write a response to the post,
which I provide below. “ We thank Dr.
Dynarski for giving us the chan...

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Dosage Matters. If It Doesn't, Your Study is LIkely Wrong
A warning sign of a biased estimate of a treatment effect: no relationship between dosage and the outcome. In this study  highlighted in the New York Times, the authors conclude that five minutes of regular running has the same effect on health as 150 minut...

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The (Fixable) Problem with Pay It Forward
Cross-posted from the Hamilton Project blog : Michigan  has
now joined  Oregon  in proposing a
“Pay It Forward” student lending system in which students pay no tuition up
front and pay back a fixed percentage of their income after college. This
sounds very ...

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The Cranky Analyst talks about sex, wages and strong instruments.

Twitter is down! On Inauguration Day! NOOOOOOO! How will the Washington Twitterati tell us who is wearing what and who is dancing with whom in real time?!
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