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5 Things I Don't Understand About Gaining Weight
So this started as an attempt at a  article but when I couldn't figure out where to post pitches I decided to add to one of my blog posts.  I can't put on fat. I
seem to lose it, when I don't eat enough and refrain from drug use but when

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Pajama Poem
So I was getting ready to go to a pajama party, looking for pajama pants and as I searched I came up with this little poem. Pajamas, pajamas,
like hairy bananas,
they come in and out of your life

Then you find one
that gets stuck up your bum
and you wish t...

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New post. Super sad dream i just had. 

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The Saddest Dream
I just had
the saddest dream within a dream. So I just
got this thing called Mind Chat and got connected to this girl whom I haven’t
spoken to in a while and am quite fond of. < (understatement of the year) Boy: Hey I just
got told about this thing I figure...

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So Many Strippers at the Gym
I know what you might be thinking, “Oh here’s another dude
that only goes to the gym to stare at hot girls working out, looking sweaty and
sexy.” and you’re right but that’s not what this is about. I’m talking about
gym instructors. “What do gym instructors...

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The Questions Was "How do you explain God"
This one is a bit more serious than usual. My belief is that, as string theory suggests, everything is made up of the same energy so me, you, your shoes, my thoughts, the electricity that creates the image on your screen and even what seems like emptiness i...

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Rent is Kind of a Weird Concept
I sometimes like to think about stuff. The best way I've
found to do this is to strip modern and sometimes over complicated ideas down to
their bare bones or at least as close to it as possible. Take for a moment the concept of renting a home. If we strip

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Knowledge and Wisdom
Knowledge is knowing whether it’s a poop or a fart. Wisdom is understanding the importance of knowing whether it’s a poop
or a fart. A smart person will have checks in place to deduce whether
it’s a poop or a fart. A wise person will take precautions in cas...

Is there any way to speak to a real person about an issue i've sent emails and i keep getting an automated answer that doesn't even address my issue

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Seagull At Work
Ok so I was
downstairs having a smoke and I noticed a seagull at work. He was getting at a
slice of pizza and the way he did it was really interesting to me here’s how it
went down from his point of view. I’ll call the seagull “Jim” to make things easier to...
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