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This week's 2threefive vlog: Working in Philadelphia, the Indian Capital of the World and up to four airplanes.

Click through to see what the fuss is about =)

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The latest in Alabama filmmaking adventure. This week, road trip, shirts and Toytopia. 

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The continuing adventures of a film company in Birmingham, Alabama:

This week: defeating an evil clone, stop motion animation and taking pretty pictures of Birmingham. 

Special thanks to Somica Renee Spratley and Joseph Casper Baker III for playing our heroine and our villain, respectfully. Joseph is elbow deep in the effort to bring the magic back to The Magic City with efforts like Rethink 20/59 and the I Believe In Birmingham group. 

Somica is a filmmaker and an actress based out of Birmingham. She is currently crowdfunding a short film called Without Obsession - you should go donate right now:

#birmingham   #alabama   #film   #filmmaking  

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Our weekly adventures continue! This week, we split up to cover several simultaneous jobs: film production, photography jobs and lots of travel.

Take a look: 

#filmmaking   #film   #production   #Alabama   #birmingham  

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Vlog #5:

This week: A moment of terror, moving out of the studio for good, a Spectra Sonic Sound Session with The Burning Peppermints and a little slo-mo destruction. Check it out. 

#alabamafilm   #birminghamfilm   #filmmaking   #alabama  

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Our Weekly Vlog continues to be...well, weekly. Check out the latest in filmmaking adventure:

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We're setting everything up this week. Tables & tables of all kinds of things. Photography gear, plates & glasses, comic books, yards of fabric and clothes, tools and the most random assortment of odd things that you can imagine. 

It's going to be a big sale. Swing by this Friday & Saturday. 
Aug 14th & 15th. 
5512 1st Ave. S. 

We will see you there. 

#birmingham   #alabama  

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Hello Birmingham! 

We're having a huge moving sale this Friday and Saturday. Lot of eclectic stuff. Clothes, fabric, photography supplies, comic books, tools & and all kinds of bizarre things. Come on out this Friday and Saturday in Woodlawn!

#birmingham   #2threefive   #Alabama   #filmmaking  

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Another week down, another weekly vlog entry filed. Hey, we are starting to get the hang of this!

This week's vlog contains hummingbirds, slow-motion hammers, the Batman of Birmingham and an upcoming moving sale. Special guest Lee Shook of Birmingham Mountain Radio​ & Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions​ fame. 


#birmingham   #alabama   #bhamfilm   #filmmaking  

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The latest Spectra Sonic Sound Session is live: Florence's firekid singing "Die For Alabama", quite possibly your new unofficial state anthem. We hear that Dillon Hodges, lead singer and guitarist, is the second youngest person to win the National Guitar Championship at 17 years old. 

You'll need to check this one out:

Filmed at Ol Elegante​ in Birmingham, AL. 

#spectrasonic   #birmingham   #alabama   #bhmamusic  
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