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You can check everything about grill and its issues at our blog. interesting information based on scientific studies and researches is available there as some other information about health.

You will understand better what Healthy Grill USA project will bring to the food service market. We will contribute to improve people life quality. 
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Like us on Facebook. We are also posting the news about our project there.
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Open to study proposals for a joint venture for US market. Any meat processor company interested in join us and associate our project we are open to talk and provide consumers with Healthy grill food.
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The relation between a cigarette and grilled/bbq food, cooked by any conventional method

As people already know, carcinogens exist in several different forms. They also know, cigarettes are really carcinogens not only because of the smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco but also for all the 599 additives cigarettes have.

Unlike other drugs, smoking involves the participation of non-smokers. If people are smoking by your side, you have to breathe the smoke.

Non-smokers very much don’t want to be part or share someone else’s addiction in special when it’s really harmful. Acting and thinking like that, we show that we are very concerned about our health and wellness, what is great.

Great! Now let’s see…

There is a question! Are we really concerned about our health and wellness or it’s just because everybody knows and comments about that issue?

A couple of weeks ago I went to a party at one of my friend’s house and while we were on the backyard enjoying the great afternoon while someone was grilling/barbecuing, some of them where smoking.

Nothing special with that because they were outdoors and not in a place where cigarette smoking was banned but at some point I heard a woman who was with us comment about smoking and making derogatory comments about the ones that were smoking, considering that they were not respecting the people attending the party.

As I am a former smoker and I know how hard is quit that addiction I imagine that the smokers didn’t like to be discriminated while they were doing it outdoors and people just could move away to someplace where the smoke didn’t bother them.

But is was Ok! Nothing too serious.

A couple of minutes later, when I was looking for my friend I was surprised when I saw the woman who was complaining about the smoke, being next to the grill receiving all that smoke and worse than that, eating a burned piece of pork rib. I stood and just admire the scene.

A few minutes later and after the woman had eaten the piece of rib with an air of delight, I approached her and I subtly asked her if she was aware of what had just done because I had heard moments before making deep critical to smokers who were present, with the justification that the result of their action was extremely detrimental to the health of others.

She looked at me and with an air of arrogance asked me if I was in favor of smoking in public places and the reason why I was bothering.

I very gently told her that, what she had just done was 400 times worse for her health than, being outdoors where some people were smoking. I also told her that was the reason I could not find acceptable any criticism that she can do about.

I just have realized that people only learn about some questions to annoy other people because they continue to be in charge of ignorance. If they were really concerned about Health issues, they should learn everything about the subject.

On this blog you already had the chance to learn everything about the grill food issues when cooked according to the conventional known methods. You should already know how much is harmful for your health.

Smoking cigarettes, exposes one’s body to many different cancer-causing agents. According to what I have been explaining, grilling also induce carcinogenicity in some foods.

A carcinogen is something that has the property of carcinogenicity – causes Cancer. Some are substances such as those found in cigarettes and grilled or barbecued meats while others exist in the forms of radiation, such as that emitted from atoms with unstable nuclei. Carcinogens cause cancer, which is often deadly, by causing uncontrolled cellular growth and division that leads to the formation of deadly tumors that can spread throughout the body.

Some studies have shown that human habits and behaviors can have an inherent level of carcinogenicity. Staying awake through the night, for instance, affects the chemical balance in the human body in a way that may lead to or promote cancer. Such behaviors or habits that promote cancer usually fall into the category of “circadian disruption,” meaning that they are behaviors that disrupt the normal, healthy cycle of sleep and wakefulness that people are supposed to go through on a daily basis.

Many carcinogens damage an animal’s DNA, thereby causing the uncontrolled cell growth that leads to cancer. Some substances, while not able to cause cancer themselves, can promote the growth of cancerous tumors and are still sometimes classified as carcinogens. Such substances are often hormones or other substances that can promote cellular growth.

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As a result of the contact established with two major national organizations (USA) responsible for research and dissemination of methods to combat cancer, we received two emails in response.

It’s simply amazing how the idea of grilling food in a traditional way and using the known traditional systems is growing in terms of being considered highly carcinogenic.

On both emails, some articles came as attachments to explain what we have been done for long time.

The first one from the National Cancer Institute:

“This NCI fact sheet explains how certain chemicals are formed in meat that is cooked using high-temperature methods, such as pan frying or grilling, and describes the results of research on the relationship between consumption of these chemicals and cancer risk.

Chemicals in Meat Cooked at High Temperatures and Cancer Risk -

And the second one from the American cancer Society:

“On an extra note, you may like to review our information below that discusses how cooking meat affects cancer risk as well as fish and fats:

Common questions about diet and cancer -

Well, after we analyze if there was something new in relation to what existed in all the research and studies done on the subject since the early 70s’ to the present day, we find that nothing has changed.

Yes, we know all that is mentioned in the articles that were sent us. By this fact, we can confirm that, through the concepts of food preparation, the products and the cooking methods we use, the project Healthy Grill USA, is unique.

In the concept of Healthy Grill restaurants, we cook food without producing carcinogenic that are mentioned in articles. For this, the project Healthy Grill USA contemplates becoming the first grill restaurant concept to become a legitimate sponsor of actions and organizations that can contribute to research and fight against cancerous diseases.

One of the articles suggests something in order to reduce the exposure to the HCA/PAH and its consumption by using several cooking methods.

The suggestions are:

1 – Avoiding direct exposure of meat to an open flame or a hot metal surface and avoiding prolonged cooking times (especially at high temperatures) can help reduce HCA and PAH formation.

2 – Using a microwave oven to cook meat prior to exposure to high temperatures can also substantially reduce HCA formation by reducing the time that meat must be in contact with high heat to finish cooking.

3 – Continuously turning meat over on a high heat source can substantially reduce HCA formation compared with just leaving the meat on the heat source without flipping it often.

4 – Removing charred portions of meat and refraining from using gravy made from meat drippings can also reduce HCA and PAH exposure.

Our answers to those suggestions and the result of what we do are:

1 – No, we don’t cook any food exposing it to open flame. The contact with metal surfaces is lower than 0.0393 inches and in some situations 0 inches (simply doesn’t exists). As wide and long is the metal surface, higher chances of producing carcinogens. We control cooking times and temperature levels according to each type of food don’t allowing the production of charred pieces or extreme caramelization.

No commercial known restaurant does that!

2 – We don’t need to use this method because we don’t have that problem. As final result we will not change the flavor characteristics or even the nutritional values of those using microwave as a strategy.

We grill any food maintaining the natural flavors and keeping up to 80% of their nutrients maintaining them juicier. Without any tricks we produce the juicier grill food people can have.

3 – This concept make sense if using any of the regular grill cooking methods. We don’t need to do that to avoid or eliminate the production of carcinogens.

Turning the food often contributes to loose their juices and, in a regular grill system also contributes to increase the charred parts of the food. This happens because you are changing the food contact points with the grid (metal surface), creating new ones.

4 – Each type of food has a different preparation method before go to grill. A proper marination contribute to reduce carcinogenic effects, however even doing that, we don’t have the issues that regular systems have, in order to avoid them.

After explaining all that (but we have more good things), isn’t it clear that, we definitely are the innovative, unique and healthiest “grill restaurant concept” in the food service industry?

Result of  several y ears of researches and development, this project contemplates much more than everything that is recommended by these organizations.

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Grill dangers
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Grill Dangers
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