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Dropbox + SMS | A better way to send SMS
Dropbox + SMS | A better way to send SMS

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Well, that was a long time in the making. I started this update almost right away after the last one and I had the core features (mostly) done within a week or so. Unfortunately, life got in the way at that point and I wasn’t able to work on CloudSend for a while. After a few weeks though, time opened up again and this is what came out!

This version of CloudSend is the biggest release since version 1 by far. It gets rid of the stark black screen and white checkmark that dominated the appearance of this app from day one. Now, instead of seeing a pointless screen when you open up the CloudSend app, you are presented with a list of your previously uploaded files. From here you are given the ability to immediately share them, no uploading required. This extends to sharing files with CloudSend from other apps; for example, if you share a photo from the gallery that you have already shared beforehand, CloudSend will ask you if you want to share the previously generated link or if you want to reupload it. This will be a huge time savor for resharing files. Additionally, the new CloudSend main screen gives you quick access to canceling and restarting currently uploading files. And for the future, this screen gives me an area to add more features, features such as the ability to delete uploaded files from your cloud storage account when you are done with them.

Besides this nice new “previously uploaded files” screen, the whole CloudSend tutorial has been revamped. It makes heavy use of Roboto font and takes a minimalistic approach to presenting information (though the content is still very verbose). Even if you are a CloudSend pro, take a look at the new tutorial; you probably won’t learn anything new, but it looks really good!

These two things weren”t all that was pretty-fied, the whole look and feel of CloudSend has been updated. All of CloudSend’s dialog boxes are now Holo themed and should look a lot nicer on your high-res devices.

The biggest change though is one that can’t be seen. I’ve (almost) completely rethought the uploading setup and handling. To you this means that uploads will start faster, cancel faster, restart faster and finish faster. Best of all though, it provides an easy to extend groundwork for adding additional cloud storage providers (there is a big one who’s name means 10^100 that I am feverishly working on).

Hopefully you’ll like this update and that it’ll make CloudSend even more useful for you. I’ve had a blast working on it and without further ado, I present to you CloudSend version 2.0.0!

New Features:

- NEW UI for managing current and previous uploads

- Resend the links of already uploaded files, with no need to reupload them

- Gorgeous new Tutorial

- Holo themed EVERYTHING


- Harder, better, faster, stronger Upload Service

- Better authentication handling

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CloudSend version 1.4.5 has been released! This version tidies up some actions as well as adding in a couple of new features. Most importantly though, Google Voice now works! Another feature I’m really excited about is the ability for uploads to pause when network connectivity is lost. This should make uploads significantly more stable and make the overall experience a whole lot smoother. Also, their are now some user settings! Besides the last updates addition of Localytics Data Collection Toggle, you can now choose to be alerted when uploads complete and also choose whether or not the uploaded file’s name is included in the message text. I’m trying to listen to feedback, so please, keep it coming!

New Features:

- Uploads pause during network changes and connectivity issues

- Setting to choose whether or not the uploaded file’s name is included in the message

- Setting to enable alerts upon file upload completion


- Quicker “Share Link Via” menu loading

- More robust uploading method

Bug Fixes:

- Google Voice is now supported to send links with!

Known Bugs:

- Viber won’t work to send links directly, you have to use the “Copy to Clipboard” function

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CloudSend version 1.4.1 is out! It’s been a while since the last release but great things are in the works (coming soon!). This release has a few new features. First off, CloudSend now uses a new uploading method for Dropbox. You can expect faster and more stable uploads that are able to handle network changes. Besides this, there is now a “Copy to Clipboard” option in the link share menu. This allows you to copy the link to your clipboard and paste it into any text field. Finally, Localytics anonymous usage collection can now be opted-out of under Settings. Official changelog is below:


- Upload now utilizes the Dropbox ChunkedUpload method to handle network changes and upload resuming

- Localytics data collection can be opted out of under Settings

New Features:

- “Copy to Clipboard” added to allow copying and pasting the file link anywhere

Bug Fix:

- Devices that don’t have text messaging will now be able to send links using other methods (eg email) again

Known Bugs:

- Google Voice support still isn’t working – Use “Copy to Clipboard” to get around this

- Viber doesn’t allow other apps to send setup texts without a recipient – Use “Copy to Clipboard” to get around this

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