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Leaves On Thursday
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Leaves On Thursday

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XAazSaezeaxA "
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Leaves On Thursday

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Taken during winter at Taaneyel Lake, Lebanon This was during sunrise at around 7am
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Leaves On Thursday

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...Autumn sunsets exquisitely dying. -Langston Hughes

#leafonthurdsay  curated by +Marilou Aballe and +Ray Bilcliff 

I have to give a shout out to +Craig Szymanski on this one, too. He posted this beautiful shot for this event 2 weeks ago:

When I saw this little guy laying on the path illuminated in just this way, I automatically recalled the above shot. I probably would have never seen it if it hadn't been for Craig's beautiful image he shared 2 weeks ago! It's amazing what you find when you're looking! ;D
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Leaves On Thursday

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Transparent roof II

#LeavesOnThursday +Leaves On Thursday curated by +Mehdia Ridder
#SummerPhotos +Summer Photos curated by +Tiina Niskanen and +Andreas Helbig
#NEX6 #Snapseed #leaves #CC #CreativeCommons

Photo: Transparent roof. Humallahti, Helsinki, Finland 26.8.2014
(CC BY Tiina M Niskanen)

Page for you interested in my photo posts only:
+Tiina M Niskanen Photography

First take:
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Thank you for the reshare, +Leaves On Thursday !
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Leaves On Thursday

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Hey +Ray Bilcliff  ..I must have missed this pic ??? Now i got it ...better late than never ;-)

I send you many greetings.... I still miss u here. Hope you're fine?!
..wish you a wonderful Christmas time.
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Beautiful light !!
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Leaves On Thursday

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Thanks +D Stuart :)
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Leaves On Thursday

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Los Angeles, CA, US

Don't you just love the madness of fall?  Leaves fall everywhere and end up in the most interesting places, and glow in amazing autumn colors (which, to be honest, I like even more than spring!  Shhh....  Don't tell spring I said that)

On my site:

+Leaves On Thursday curated by  +Mehdia Ridder #leavesonthursday
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Leaves On Thursday

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Thank you dear +Basia Schwartz   :)
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Leaves On Thursday

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Hope you don't forget, that's Thursday tomorrow!!!

I'm still curious what you will share  ;-D
Hello Everybody!
Tomorrow it's Thursday again...
and the theme page +Leaves On Thursday is waiting for
nice pics about any kind of leaves! 
so get your cam and catch the leaves around you ;-)

I'm still curious what you will share tomorrow ;-D

That's for +Leaves On Thursday +Leavesnbloom 
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Leaves On Thursday

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Sunset was crap, but I liked the look of this wee late-bloomer. Most plants around it were long gone, but this looks like it still has a bit of life in it yet :)

#leavesonthursday : +Leaves On Thursday curated by +Marilou Aballe +Ray Bilcliff +Anne Durand
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That's a weed. (Ivy)
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Leaves On Thursday

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Something I took while at my Mom's house for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. I hope someone warms your day today.

#thanksgiving #leavesonthursday +Leaves On Thursday 
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