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Paula Lee Bright
I help kids who can't read to succeed—online!
I help kids who can't read to succeed—online!

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I can teach these kids who don't learn to read at school! And late tongiht I realized: I'm very PROUD of this. :D

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@Timothy Shanahan explains to me why I've always felt so uncomfortable with the descriptions of the three levels of reading: independent, instructional, and frustration. I knew that I could read a frustration level text with kids and they'd love it! So many variations are possible in teaching using a good book.

@Jon Dometita
I got a quote from your brother a long time ago, concerning the pictures you have up at Pixabay. I've lost the info. Are you still making those kinds of images? How much to request specific items? Still love your work! Do you have a portfolio anywhere else? Thanks! :D

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Paula Lee Bright commented on a post on Blogger.
After years teaching young elementary school students, my mantra was USE MANIPULATIVES. It can be beans, macaroni, legos, whatever, But until he's absorbed making arrays for 6 X 4, it will never be concrete to him.

I admire your efforts, but think they, in and of themselves, will just confuse him further. You're thinking of the big picture, but for young children, or for kids who didn't "get it" the first time around, they still are in the manipulative stage of understanding.

Let him do it with his hands! Let him make the multiplication fact. Let him show it on paper, with x's or circles, or squiggles, or buttons.

I hope this doesn't offend you! I just think in terms of the beginning of learning, rather than the end product. Good luck!

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I'm an online reading teacher for struggling readers. I want to know as much as I possible can about this tool, but haven't yet figured it out.

I'm trying! Send any tips you may have, please.

Retired public school teacher who missed teaching so badly I made my own business! :)

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Does anybody here need other non-readers or failing readers to correspond with in kidblog, or anywhere you wish? I'm teaching a course for kids who don't learn to read at school, and it's online. I'd love to have them see other stories taken down in dictations by someone else, with an illustration by the child, or a photograph with their words. Anything! I need to get them to see that their words (even if taken down by someone else) with a picture of their choice = REAL READING! Is there anybody else out there? TIA.

The Online Reading Teacher

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Checking the place out. It sounds cool! Anybody have any experience with it? #eduhangout  

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I have a question about your high school students who are great with video, or Adobe Captivate, or Keynote, or other. Would it ever be acceptable to hire one or more to do some work for me?

I'm an independent online reading teacher for struggling readers...the ones who just don't learn at school, because they need personalized help. I'm creating a program that will be extremely inexpensive for parents who can't afford a tutor, because it's killing my soul that my specialized techniques are reserved for the kids whose parents CAN afford 1-on-1 time. I won't make money on it, as I've already spent thousands. 

But I need to delegate, and would love to pay talented students (not nearly as much as the pros charge!). What do you think? Is it even legal? 

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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