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Lara Zoeller
Ultrarunning in NoVA
Ultrarunning in NoVA

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I'm Back
Oops, haven't posted in ages! You know how when you forget someone's name, each time you meet them and don't ask their name it gets more and more awkward? Well, once I don't blog it feels more and more awkward after each day, so I just never posted.  Basica...

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2016 Update
It's been a while...after the high of finishing Spartathlon I went through a bit of a hard time. I was physically and emotionally drained, and couldn't get back to training right away. I got a bad staph infection in my underarm that created a large abscess ...

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My whole year of training has been leading up to this...and in the end, it was all worth it! I finished the Spartathlon in 34 hours, 6 minutes, and 14 seconds. There were 374 starters, and only 174 finishers in a race that already required qualification to ...

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Summer Training
Oops, it's been a really long while since my last post! It's been a busy summer- working full time and trying to get good training in definitely took up a good chunk of time. Generally things went well...unfortunately I wasn't able to get my weekly mileage ...

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Old Dominion 100
Now this is more like it! Finished Old Dominion 100 in 22:17:19, good for 3rd female and 11th overall. The race had it's ups and downs, but I never suffered too terribly, and had some really great moments as well. While the course was a bit easier than Pinh...

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C&O Canal 100- DNF
Unfortunately despite a great start I ended up with a DNF at the C&O Canal 100 last weekend. On the plus side, other than slightly sore quads I seemed to have no issues stemming from my marathon only 5 days prior, which I think bodes well for my endurance c...

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Boston Marathon
Well it wasn't quite the race I wanted, but I'm pretty happy given the circumstances! I wanted to break 3:15, but I ended up with 3:17:58- still a PR by 1 minute 15 seconds, and given the lousy weather, I'm pretty sure I could go under 3:15 on a nice day :)...

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Spring Training
Just a little update on my training over the last month or so...I haven't raced since my February 8 50K, but I've been running more training miles than ever. In this training cycle I set a new weekly record, 83 miles, only to break it with a 90 mile week a ...

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Virginia Beach Distance Races 50K
I signed up for this race specifically because it was within reasonable driving distance, and on my birthday- this was the 3rd year in a row I raced an ultra on my birthday, and I think it brings me luck.  This year was no exception- I came away with a new ...

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Wildcat 24 Hour
Going into this race I was coming off of several days of severe sickness, so I had no idea how this race would go.  The answer was...not so good.  When I flew down to Florida Friday morning I was still congested and exhausted.  My friend/crew chief Danielle...
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