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Perhaps the only gif that I'll ever post. A history of Tokyo's metro lines.
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That's ok. Three people shared it but for some reason yours is the only one I can see. I think that means the other two shared with circles that I'm not in.
You'll have to follow up with the JR gif as well.
Er, is this when I should say that I got this from wikipedia?
This is just humiliating for NYC, which hasn't completed a line since 1938. Ouch.
+Jeff Ferzoco Humiliating is to know that the 1st country to give Up of death Penalty as Justice did it 1867! U.S, Still Killing ppl under the name of law in 2011!
Good share though. Cool seeing a rough timeline of how fast development happened.
For comparison, here's Toronto (1946-1978) .----U--
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