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Vanessa Rottner
You will sparkle in my jewellery designs. Graduate of Wycliffe College
You will sparkle in my jewellery designs. Graduate of Wycliffe College

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The Friday File: Separation Anxiety 101 - Ways to Adjusts and Ease - Simply Tap Your Paws Together!
Hello MY Darlings, I hope you are all cozy in your beds, sofa's and cardboard boxes! The November winds moved me from the marble windowsill  to my warm comforts of home! I spoke last week about getting plenty of R'NR as the shopping season is upon us now.  ...

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Aniversary Special - Unconditional Love!
A moment to reflect! Hello MY Darlings! Today, I decided to do a little personal reflection! &^..^&. August 19, 2004 is MY Anniversary date, this is the day that I graduated from my college and received my degree as in clinical psychology! Each and every da...

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I am quite sure whether you have a cat Diva in the making or a 15 year old...the issues are very similar! Lessons learned testing the time and tide for most!

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Newsletter from Pet Mum: When My Three Year Becomes A Diva or She's Just Like a 15 Year Old - April 10 2017
Pet "Mum" has her say! Dear Reader :  I just had to write....Well, there comes a point in every "Mum's" life where she has to speak out use her 'Diva Voice' or what I call 'She Bear'. I grabbed the laptop away from the "Diva" while she was having a cat nap ...

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New Listing in my shop: Delightfully soft and cuddly knitted items. Purfect for your favorite pet child, children's toy or bedtime reading playmate. Hand knitted and filled with polyester filler. Easy to care for and love for the 'Young at Heart'. Come and make friends and choose your own. ^..^!

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Now what is Cali up to at this hour of the night.......hunting, writing, playing or cozy asleep with her new friends....come and find out.....

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Newsletter 1: Welcoming the New Year and Comfy Cats
MEOW  ARE YOU READY???? Wash your whiskers and paws......come and see my new friends!! How were your Christmas CELEBRATIONS?    I have some new friends!  Come along and meet them!   I found them peeping out of my Christmas stocking with some catnip!   Is it...

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Fall is Finally Here! Newsletter October 2016
Cali glad to be the COOLest Cat! Well, it was a Purfect....summer.....although I must say I was fortunately that favorite spot has air conditioning.    Have you ever tried to catch mice wearing a fur coat...when it's 90 degrees!!   Oh it's too hot to move.....

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JewelleryInspired4U - October Favorite Links
JewelleryInspired4U JewelleryInspired4U loves to share and this time we want to showcase our favorite links. JewelleryInspired4U – My Favorite Shop Links: Favorite links can be like a familiar book or old friend,
trusted and true!!

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Free Shipping for all Canadian Residents!! Come and Find out MORE!
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