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Big Pharma's never-ending search for a silver bullet to solve the crisis of human mortality. The sheep will lap it up and die ahead of life expectancy from the small print. Yawn.

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Trump's bankruptcy lawyer was approved yesterday as #ambassador to Israel. This piece of shit, #davidfriedman literally advocates for #apartheid in #Israel and raises funds to demolish Palestinian homes in order to build illegal housing for Jews. You can't make this stuff up, unreal. America not only supports apartheid in Israel but it is now actively promoting it through diplomatic channels.

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Ok my fellow Americans, please take note. The actions of this 19 year old Israeli are indicative of a larger problem in Israeli society. The far right in Israel is bent on a Jewish (first and only) worldview that is not only fueling an Israeli apartheid that is worse than what happened in South Africa, but it is also undermining worldwide Jewry.

The far right parties (Likud, Zionist, Kadash, etc) and their repugnant supporters will stop at nothing to reenforce racism in Israel, complete their exercise in apartheid (the result is genocide), and to sow discord that by design is intended to flow goodwill, money, sympathy and influence back to its power base in Israel all at the expense of, well, anyone who is not a right-wing Israeli Jew. Of particular target for these scumbags are liberal Jews (in Israel and abroad) and anyone of an activist persuasion who speaks out against right-wing Jewish militancy and the violence and tyranny it causes.

Say no to apartheid. Say no to antisemitism. Say no to racism.

#apartheidIsrael #neocolonialism #terrorism #rightwingIsrael 

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A very simple chart to consider today as the corrupt, dysfunctional legislators in the US vote on the latest piece of corporate giveaway legislation known as #TrumpCare or #RyanCare. The US is a #Corporatocracy and the health, safety and well-being of its citizen is ALWAYS up for sale. Currently (and historically) the US has had lower life expectancy, worse #healthcare outcomes all at a much higher cost than the rest of the developed world. Not proud to be an American.

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Corbett does a great job, as he tends to do, going through the history of the criminal organization known as #GoldmanSachs. The Orange Piece of Shit President vowed to keep the likes of Goldman out of his administration claiming Clinton was owned by the #WallStreet. Unsurprisingly, President POS has filled even more high-level positions in the government with Goldman bankers than did Obama (which is impressive when you consider how much power Goldman had in the Obama admin).

The current list of Goldman scum in Trump administration (I am missing some I know):
Steve Mnuchin
Gary Cohn
Jim Donovan
Steve Bannon
Jay Clayton

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A follow up to the UN's declaration last week that Israel is, quite obviously, an apartheid state. Bulldozing Palestinian homes and replacing them with illegal housing for Israeli Jews is normal, happens everyday. I wonder how my fellow Americans would feel if there home was bulldozed and in place of it somebody who was born in lets say Poland took up residence in the exact same spot with a newly built house. Is this justice? Should the world permit this to take place?
#apartheidIsrael #neocolonialism #institutionalizedracism #middleeast #palestine #humanrights #UN

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Billionaire banker David Rockefeller dies aged 101

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Just a quick update to remind my fellow Americans that your tax dollars are hard at work supplying the Saudi's with weapons to kill Yemenis. The wholesale destruction of Yemeni society by the Saudis (with American money and weapons) is now resulting in a situation where upwards 7 million innocent people are at risk of dying because they don't have enough goddamn food. 7,000,000 human souls. Out of sight, out of mind, right?
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