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Are you looking for AAAAAART? Well I got some right here. Behold, all the artists that have worked with me in chronological order, PLUS where to find them on here and elsewhere. These fine and dandy people will draw for money. Make it rain! Or drizzle. Or just tell them they're pretty. 

+Cédric Plante  -
+Matthew Adams  -
+Simon Forster  -
+Claytonian JP  -
+Jeremy Duncan  -
+Jim Magnusson  -
+Sean Poppe -
+Anxy P.  -
+Nicolò Maioli  -
Louise Perfect, who doesn't do the internet (I can get you in touch if you want)
+Oli Palmer -
+Andrew Walter -
+Jason Sholtis -
+cecil howe  -
+Dirk Detweiler Leichty -

Reading Vampire Kingdoms for Rifts (thanks Oxfam), and the introduction is just a rant about fickle reviewers and the British getting annoyed at all the "WARNING: this is fiction, magic is evil" warnings in the books (even though there are hardly any, he swears.) The very next passage is a paragraph explaining how vampires are not real. It's fantastic and I love him.

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As you are no doubt aware, I'll have a stand (with +Paolo Greco) at the UKGE. As you might not know, I only have two arms so can only take so much stuff with me.

So, to make both our lives easier you can go to and use the code UKGE2017 at checkout to buy stuff and pick it up at the convention. I can't imagine selling out of anything there, but who knows? Certainly not me.

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New screenprints are coming

Got a handful of weird fantasy art pieces that I will be printing tomorrow as I have rented some studio time - hopefully I'll get 'em all done in one go. They should be available at very reasonable prices and in limited amounts, so grab one when they're available to avoid disappointment. Further details to follow. 

Someone has dared to be less than glowing in their response to Crypts of Indormancy. On the one hand, it suggests a healthy penetration into the consumer ecosystem, to the point where a negative opinion can be met with more than just confusion as to what the hell they're talking about. On the other hand they are terrible monsters who don't understand that it is they who are disappointing, not our perfect paper child.

But that's our fault for not explaining how great we are in the preface. Next time.

Anyone familiar with Rifts? What should I read from that huge catalogue of books? Is there anything defining in there?

I don't really get all the rule books. I've read the core book and it doesn't seem very hard to make more stuff if you wanted to, but the concept of "Warlords of Russia" and the cover to that bionics book are just seductive.

I'm thinking of selling some of my Planescape stuff. It's a full collection but I dislike about two thirds of it and feel that keeping it together is some sort of consumerist fetish I am indulging in. Plus, you know, with money I can get other needful things.

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A complete facelift for troika
Dickload of new backgrounds for troika, plus setting stuff. More to come probably

A Judge Dredd RPG with an XP system like d&d, but instead of gold=XP it's judging perps=XP. Arrest for littering 10xp, execute someone for kidnapping 500xp, possession of sugar 50xp. Players get bonus XP for handing out appropriate sentences "by the book". Executing a litterer would be worth less than arresting him, 50 years in the isocubes would be worth less than 8 months. The GM actually has "the book". The game has a big Book of Law, and player knowledge of it is rewarded. No looking during a game unless the pcs actually go and look it up. Real judges know it by heart.

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Wishing everyone a merry feast of St. Longinus.
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