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Pretty sweet rumor about BRACing Navy rotary-wing training up to Ft. Rucker.

Read and interpret - better than read and heed.

Boats Against the Current - Peter J. Munson: Lessons in Military Leadership: Learn to be a Manager -

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Happy birthday US Navy, Georgia Tech and Delta Chi.

If I had to guess, I'd wager that a carrier and its airwing are going by the wayside in a few years.

Hard Choices: Responsible Defense in an Age of Austerity | Center for a New American Security -


Taking Stock of the Long Wars: A Proposal - John Arquilla , Andrew Bacevich, James Fallows, & Gary Hart - National - The Atlantic -

"I am talking out of my ass."

Jon Stewart on Herman Cain: 'I Don't Have Facts to Back This Up ...' | Julian Brookes | Rolling Stone -

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Fuck cancer.

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Mutually Supporting Combatants: The Genesis of Interdependent Intrastate Conflict in Colombia.

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Colombian intrastate conflict paper: geography, narcotics trade, communism, external actors. For 8 pages.
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