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Kim Rudd
middle manager, trainer, speaker, political blogger
middle manager, trainer, speaker, political blogger

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Just checked my LinkedIn account and someone endorsed me for being arrogant, stubborn, opinionated and a world class sycophant. I obviously have a bright future ahead of me in politics.

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Thanks to a handyman I hired to perform some minor home repairs today, I now know the identity of the last man on earth to use the word "gnarly."

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Of all the self aggrandizing pabulum I've read this New Year season about resolutions and fresh starts and trite lists from people who want to tell you what you should do and not do in 2014..... here are two of the few I've read that actually made sense....the first is the quote below from Steve Jobs, who always makes sense, and the second is this....
"Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book you are writing this year; what is your story going to be?"
So there it is...Steve Jobs, and Brad Paisley of all people.
 Happy New Years to all.

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You have to admire his tenacity.......

I think it's time to put in Rudy.....Bama 35-7.

#AskLouis   Isn't it time we came up with new spellings for platypus and scrotum?

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Last nights "fiscal cliff" agreement / negotiations were nothing compared to the negotiations that will take place when it comes time to raise the debt ceiling, which we have already reached...that's when the GOP will dig in and insist on real spending cuts.

President Obama's decree that this agreement must take a balanced approach (spending cuts and revenue increases) may well define his second term in office.
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