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Wheelchair Hangout

+M Monica got her electric wheelchair today. She says:

"I took it outside to show friends and hangout. It is important it is for those with accessibility issues to get outside and get around. I have waited many months to get my chair and I felt very happy to receive it.

There are usually questions about why I use a wheelchair on these sorts of posts, so I will explain here: I live with a severe case of systemic lupus, Raynaud's disease, neurocardiogenic syncopy, fibromyalgia, and a blood clotting disorder. The new wheelchair helps me sit up and recline much better, and also power myself forward. I can go places on my own now! The way the new chair lets me recline is wonderful and helps a lot with my pain.

Thank you for sharing these moments with me +Stephane Menard +pio dal cin +Hassan Shabbir and +C. Corey Fisk. "

Our hangout today took place between people in 4 different countries. 2 places in the USA (California and Colorado) and also Italy, Quebec, and Pakistan. This kind of technology is unbelievable.
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+C.Corey Fish and +M Monica and +pio dal cin and +Daniel Greene I saw you all online today at a presentation by google staff in San Diego! +Naomi Black and +James deBoer just gave an awesome presentation at a disability and assistive technology conference I am attending. Can you imagine my surprise to see the topic of accessibility in social media and videos would include some friends/contacts and even a g+ page I follow = +Community Support - Friends That Listen Glad to hear about your new chair, Monica.
+Daniel Greene since I tagged Naomi in this post/comment, maybe she will see your blog post link. I think she may add me to her accessibility circle - will have to check out your on-air video tonight! Thanks for noticing, my friend.
+Daniel Greene would you please follow us so we can follow you back? We would love to get involved with you on this page.
Makes me forget my own troubles. I'm all smiles.
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