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GHydraulics 2.1.8: EPANET simulation fixes and QGIS 2.2.0 support
A new GHydraulics version (2.1.8) is available from the  QGIS Plugin repository. The sample projects have been upgraded to the current QGIS version 2.2 in order to prevent nagging upgrade dialogs. And once again a couple of bug fixes have been applied to th...

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EU-DEM: Digital Surface Model with 25m resolution for Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East
Markus Neteler introduces the EU-DEM Digital Surface Model with 25m resolution covering Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and parts of the Middle East in a blog post . Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) ar...

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Besides Europe, the elevation model covers some areas around the Mediterranean Sea and in the Middle East.

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Inptools Explorer integration for inp2shp
A new Inptools version has been released. Version integrates shp2inp in the Windows Explorer context menu. You can now generate Shapefiles with by right-clicking on the INP file in Explorer. The generated Shapefiles can be opened in GIS software li...

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Marc Andreessen: "Why Bitcoin Matters"
Marc Andreessen, one of the guys that created the web browser as we know it today, shares his thoughts on Bitcoin: "Why Bitcoin Matters" I think that's the best summary of Bitcoin's potential I've seen so far.

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Improved Dia Shape Search available online
New and improved Dia Shape Search is available on The search results now contain the toolbox icons, which makes it much
easier to judge if a listed object is really what you're looking for.
The search should be m...

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QGIS Elevation Plugin 0.4.0 does not require a browser any more
A new version of the QGIS Elevation Plugin is available from the QGIS 2.0 Plugin Repository. The Google elevation maps are now displayed directly in QGIS (see screenshot below).

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GHydraulics 2.1.6: Run EPANET simulations in QGIS
GHydraulics now allows to run EPANET from within QGIS (on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux). Simply select Plugins->GHydraulics->Run EPANET simulation from the menu. Once the EPANET run has completed a dialog with the EPANET output and report is presented. If th...

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TIP4COMMIT: 293 commits to pay out 90% of a tip
Following up on the previous "Bitcoins for open source developers: BitHub and TIP4COMMIT" post, I had a closer look at TIP4COMMIT . TIP4COMMIT takes a 5% "fee" and pays out the remaining 95% of a tip. I think that's fair. And there's a payment threshold of ...

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Bitcoins for open source developers: BitHub and TIP4COMMIT
Bitcoin, the disruptive open source currency, should be a natural choice to reward developers contributing to open source projects because of the low transaction cost - even for small transactions. The list of open source projects that had their donations f...
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