Sometimes working on HoboLobo feels like performing an operation on running clockwork. The HLoH* admin is basically a grid of forms containing html code superimposed on the regular frontend, the view with the paralax and everything. I tweak some html in a form, I click save, it ajaxes it back to the server, I reload and see my changes reflected above. See the attached images.

There are separate fields for separate layers of a particular panel, and there are also two fields for javascript code (one gets executed when the panel rolls around, the other executed on load and provides a place to define functions. It has happened before that some bit of javascript contains a syntax error which throws off the ajax rendering the admin unusable. Then I fire up my trusty PHPMyAdmin and massage some cells into shape. The layer fields accept both html and filenames (it will treat these differently on the frontend.)

I will often just open up the console and tinker with the code of the site—which I am currently using to save edits to itself—then cut and paste values from the console into forms. The admin also console.log()s a bunch of relevant parallaxer information at all times.

Right now, the new update I am working on is full of motion, so when I open the console to tinker with stylings, Chrome will have all these constantly spinning values in style tags all over the place, all up to a dozen decimal places. It is very much like operating a clock.


*I think this is the first time ever I have abbreviated Hobo Lobo. It feels weird. Should I celebrate? Or does this mean it has acquired a kind of institution-like grasp over my life?
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