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✔ Verified Account, Emperor of the Euler crater, The Moon.
✔ Verified Account, Emperor of the Euler crater, The Moon.
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TIL the lesson about camera calibration rule #1: Don't touch the lens after calibration.

Wasted hours hunting down a the giant 100 micron error I was seeing.

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Trying to overpower the Sun with your LCD or OLED screen?

Have all the technological problems of a Magnodoodle in your E-Ink display? 

No thanks, I'm waiting for a Mirasol display! :D

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Wait, you mean I could have audiophile grade arc welds TWO YEARS AGO!?

Whenever I look at C++ code written with an irrational fear of STL, I always seem to find bugs...strange.

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Bus pirate type deal I made for work for MDIO, JTAG, and way-faster-than-spec I2C.

Based on the FT232H, so up to 32MHz clocked data. USB HS, so 1/4 latency. The open-drain centric level shifter I used supports 6MHz open-drain and 8MHz push-pull.

RGB (2 bit colors woot) for indicator (PC driving color cycle shown).

Contention detection (red light at beginning) to show if something is pulling lines down by more than 25%.

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These are streetlights with shaded tops. Looks like it focuses then spreads extremely. Totally crazy.

Monday morning and a string heavy C project...halp me!

Anyone recommend a friendly string library for C? Looking at bstring now.

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Now, how to export the 3d model it creates? :D

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edit: Goat discrimination!
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