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Alaska Region T/TA Center
Training & Technical Assistance for The ANA Alaska Region
Training & Technical Assistance for The ANA Alaska Region

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ANA is constantly looking for ways to better serve our grantees. Today we’re focused on finding out how to better serve our language grantee community. That is why we’re asking you to take this brief Language Community Survey. We want to hear from you how we can help you communicate, collaborate, and succeed in preserving or revitalizing your Native language. We will analyze these results in collaboration with our Training & Technical Assistance providers over the next few weeks.,

Please complete this survey by November 22, 2016. Thank you for your time and insight.

Colleen Billiot, Communications Specialist, ANA

What is this survey for?
ANA wants to make sure that all of our resources for language grantees are as useful as possible. That is why we are working to ensure that our Native language community is benefitting all those who need it. ANA staff and training & technical assistance providers collaborated to develop the questions. We will analyze the results at the end of November, and begin to implement improvements based off the feedback in the next few months.

When is the survey due?
Please complete the survey by November 22nd.

Who did this survey go out to?
Members of the Google+ language community, as well as current ANA language grantees.

Can I share the survey with others?
Feel free to share the survey with other members of your project staff, past ANA language grantees you may know, or other members of ANA’s current online language community.

I received the link multiple times. Do I need to complete a new survey?
No—you just need to complete it once. Multiple people from your organization can complete it if you wish, but individuals should only complete it once.

I answered yes to #19. How do I follow up or become part of a focus group?
Send me your name, the title of your ANA language project, and contact information.

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The Institute of Museum and Library Services is providing up to $75,000 in scholarship funding for eligible applicants to attend the ATALM 2016 Conference in Phoenix, AZ. The deadline for applications is this Friday, April 15th. Visit the link below for more information.

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Anthony Caole, Regional Director (Contractor) provides a quick update on 2016 ANA funding, Pre-app Training and Technical Assistance.

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Funding Opportunity Announcements for 2016; Pre-App Trainings & Technical Assistance

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The Alaska T/TA Center introduced Google for Nonprofits in our Technology Tools webinar. Learn about Donation Cards for your Non-profits YouTube Account! Donation cards make it even simpler to raise money for your cause by allowing your viewers to donate directly from your YouTube video. Even better -- Google covers the processing fees, so your organization will receive 100% of the money donated.

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Are you applying for ANA funding this year? Do you have your project concept developed and are you ready to prepare your ANA proposal? Then come join us for Pre-App training this Feb 23/24th in JUNEAU or ANCHORAGE and learn the nuts and bolts of assembling and submitting a complete ANA application! See our Events page for registration links at:

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Last week, FEMA began entering the next phase of tribal consultation on pilot guidance for direct tribal declaration requests under the Stafford Act. Click below to view each stage and comparison of the Tribal Declarations Pilot Guidance. The Guidance will be available for comment until April 7th, 2016.

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The 2016 Administration for Native American Funding Opportunity Announcements are now OPEN: Due Date: April 6th, 2016. 

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2016 ANA Environmental Regulatory Enhancement 2016 Funding Opportunity Announcement: DUE DATE: April 7th, 2016. 

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2016 ANA Native Language - Esther Martinez Immersion Program - Funding Opportunity Announcement, DUE DATE: April 6th, 2016. 
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