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Lois Girbino
Artist, Art Educator, Parent, Creativity Advocate
Artist, Art Educator, Parent, Creativity Advocate

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About Genius Hour and Global Day of Design in my Art Room.

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Going All-In On A Choice-based Project
   The last project of the semester for my fifth graders was an entirely choice-based sculpture project. I approached this idea with a lot of trepidation; it was the end of the semester and right before our winter break. Additionally, students were missing ...

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Learned some good (art ed) things this summer!

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Summer School
Like a lot of teachers, I have been taking a class this summer. This one is three credit hours, all online, about teaching strategies in the art room. Lately, I have been trying to re-focus my "work" energy and attention strictly on art, art making, art tea...

Hi, I am new to this group. I am an artist and art teacher who writes poetry on the sly. Here's my prompt submission...

"The Selfie Goddess Casts a Spell"
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