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Dhenu Savla
Immigration Attorney and Owner at SwagatUSA, LLC
Immigration Attorney and Owner at SwagatUSA, LLC
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We often have clients who say they contacted the #immigration office and were told they could adjust status, with no explanation regarding the very risky intent issue they may be facing. It's important to remember that the officers there are not attorneys and are not in the business of interpreting the law. Here's a post on issues related to #adjustment of status #i485:

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Holiday Shopping, Shoplifting, and Immigration Law - What Immigrants Need to Know. 

Delivering good news to clients right before thanksgiving went something like this: "Hi, I just wanted to let you know, I got a call from the officer, and unfortunately.......You're Approved!" Relieved laughter followed. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Dear Clients, I'm Sorry!

My apology to my clients, prospective clients, and those I never reached in time...

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What you need to know about marriage-based adjustments of status #i485 --Pitfalls to avoid and what to screen for before filing... #immigration #uscis

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting your law practice? 

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best client management software and what about merchant account for accepting credit card payments? 

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Picture from Immigration Roundtable by and immigration coalition of technology tonight. 

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F2A Category to be CURRENT for all countries in Aug. 2013.

It is not too early to start collecting tax records, proofs of continuous presence, any criminal records, and learning English if you hope to take advantage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform! 
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