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An RPG player whose daytime job is in IT
An RPG player whose daytime job is in IT
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How many active OSR fanzines are out there today? I noticed that Brave the Labyrinth hasn't released an issue since early 2015, for example. I know The Undercroft is going strong, though.

Have you ever wondered what the average attribute value is in +Lamentations of the Flame Princess? A roll of 3d6 averages 10.5, so that's the obvious answer. But -- and here's where it gets complicated -- if you roll your 6 attributes and the sum of the attribute modifiers is less than 0 the character is discarded. So what's the average attribute value of a playable LotFP character?

Now that I've brushed up a bit on my scripting I can say that out of 10000 sets of 6 attributes each, where no set has a modifier sum less than 0, the average attribute is 11.254433

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I don't know what's more interesting about the word "interesting". The fact that it can apparently be prounounced "intuhresting", "intruhsting" or "interuhsting" (but not "interesting") or the fact that the Oxford English Dictionary is obviously missing a very important part in its definition of it...

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My apologies if you're in my circles and this is in your feed already. I won't cause it to pop up again :)
I try to only share my blog posts here on G+ when I think they can interest many. This one is one of those:

Over the past few weeks I've posted a map, some monsters, spells and illustrations. It all comes together in this short dungeon adventure that I ran on a small con a month or so ago. I hope you like it!

(also: I will repost this in the OSR community, because there's a lot more people there than in my circles. Sorry if it pops up twice in your feed!)
Lady Christina's Final Resting Place
Lady Christina's Final Resting Place

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Thought I should put this here too, seeing as a lot of content will have LabLord stats :)

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Here we go, 240 pregenerated characters levels 1-6:

They have no equipment listed because my scripts don't support that yet, and I decided not to list the modifiers for CON and INT, since they only affect HP and languages respectively.

"Grottröj" is a local OSR con and the main reason I decided to make these. If you have your own character sheet and want me to populate it I'm willing to give it a try. Prerequisites: it needs to be .odt format and placeholders for values need to be inserted. Ask me if you're interested and I'll write some instructions up :)

Anyone interested in pregenerated characters? I've spent some hours the last few days writing a couple of scripts that generate characters levels one to six and inserts the data about them into a template odt-file, which is then converted to pdf.

It seems to work pretty well. My intended use is to make a few characters that I can print to use at a local OSR con, but I thought I could post a pdf with a hundred or so here if anyone wants it.

Also, does anyone have an equipment list I could use to give the characters some stuff? I found the gear table in the book short and somewhat boring.

I decided I want to become an active G+ user, but there's one BIG caveat that I need help sorting out before that's possible: the interface is an absolute f***ing mess. I don't know how to look at my home stream without wanting to puke. Essentially, my problem has several aspects to it:
1. The stream can either be organized in some sort of random disorder or a single column that doesn't utilize the screen width very well.
2. I can't figure out how much from different circles to have in my home stream. "More", "Standard", "Less"? Seriously? How about "All"?
3. Each post is a big avatar picture, a little text and then a big blob of embedded content, like a preview of a page or a youtube clip or a picture. Usually the text is interesting, but the rest is ultimately not. I can decide whether to click a link without previewing embedded content, thankyouverymuch.

What I would like to do:
A. I can deal with a few columns in the stream, but I'd like to skip the "You may know X,Y,Z" and "Events" categories in the top right corner, and I don't want random posts blown up all over the page. Order, please. Ideally there would only be one column that was about twice as wide, though.
B. I don't want to see avatar pics, nor embedded content. Only text.
C. I want everything from my communities and circles visible. Preferably sorted by community/circle first and descending date second.

If there is no way to bring order to the disgusting interface I'm afraid G+ will continue to be a fringe site for me, so please help any way you can :P

Also tell me if you have your own way of making your G+ experience tolerable! I may be approaching this all wrong, after all.

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Björn Wärmedal commented on a post on Blogger.
Holy smoke! It's sexy as hell, and with a glance at the credits I'm guessing more than a hundred people have contributed to it. Awesome work heading it up and compiling it all, Joey. Truly awesome.
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I realize a lot of those interested in this share will not speak Swedish, but for those of you who do - read this:
In short it says that the energy producer Vattenfall is hoping to build new nuclear reactors in Sweden. They haven't yet revealed any information on what technology they're planning to use, but I for one want to inform them about Thorium now rather than wait to see if they know about it.
You can contact them on this page:
Below is the message I decided to send. Please give them your view too! I believe that it would be irresponsible of us to build more light water reactors when there are better alternatives for mankind. They're more likely to get the message if told by many, though :)

------ My Message to Vattenfall ------


I read an article stating that Vattenfall is hoping to build new nuclear reactors in Sweden. Let me start this by saying that this is great news. Excellent, even.

I am, however, concerned that these new reactors will be built using the same techniques as all the current reactors in the western world: light water based fission. While I realize that there will be some research involved in bettering the processes around it, I and many others are concerned that the technology is in fact outdated, insecure and expensive compared to other alternatives.

With this mail I would like to inform you about the possibilities involved in other forms of nuclear reactors. Specifically I'm talking about molten salt reactors, preferrably powered by thorium rather than the now commonly used uranium 235.

It is safer, more stable and most of all (and I cannot stress this enough) Cheaper.

Sweden has a widespread mining industry, much of which produces large amounts of thorium as a side effect of refining other metals. I am convinced that this is (ethically, economically and environmentally) a much better fuel for the new reactors. Not to mention the fact that we can get it from already "spent" fuel from our existing reactors.

Uranium 235 is unstable and highly radioactive. It's also about as common as platinum. The handling of it is dangerous, and even with modern technology our reactors can only use a couple of per cent of the total energy contained in the atoms. In the case of thorium, the metal is much more stable and emits only low levels of radiation in normal handling. In absolute terms the energy content in the atoms is still very high - and we can use up to 98 per cent of it! It is very common - a normal mine produces thousands of tonnes each year. The bi-products we have left after power generation can be used to produce highly valuable medical isotopes.

Please turn your eyes towards the LFTR - Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor. A very good summary of it can be found here:
LFTR in 5 Minutes - THORIUM REMIX 2011

Watch the first five minutes. It will catch your interest, trust me.

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