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Amazing chance to ask astronauts your questions! Join this LIVE event next week.
Ron Garan, astronaut, while floating in space, recalls looking back at our blue dot and marvelling at the beauty of our Earth. With our shrinking borders and increased technologies, why can't we collaborate globally?

While on his stint on the International Space Station this former fighter pilot saw how fifteen nationalities worked together to put a few humans into a sustained environment in space.

This is his Orbital Perspective.

His newly released book explores how the notion of Orbital Perspective can work for us on Earth. Ron is joined by:

Fellow astronaut and co-sponsor of the Ansari X-Prize for the first privately funded spacecraft, Anousheh Ansari.

Author Frank White, whose Overview Effect chronicled the life-changing experiences of our early astronauts in viewing the Earth from space, and whose Overview Institute is working to use that experience to better life on Earth.

Mike Simmons, Founder and President of Astronomers Without Borders, which works to connect people and create collaboration based on our common heritage of the night sky.

Join our discussion about how important it is use the Orbital Perspective here at home.

Send questions ahead of time to or on the Google+ event page during the program.

Ron Garan:
Anousheh Ansari:
Frank White:

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Discovery of a clutch of baby stars

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New solar storm early warning system being launched by NASA tho week.

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Could there be life on Europa, Jupiter's ice-encrusted moon? NASA has proposed a mission to find out.

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Jupiter ascends into perfect sky-watching sight, just as NASA proposes a trip to its most intriguing moon. My National Geographic story:

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The Real World of Star Wars Tech. Check out my latest story for Yahoo Canada News" 

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New surprising research on DNA surviving roundtrip to space ignites debate on possibility of biomolecules seeding young Earth with life. Read my Yahoo Canada News story:

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Amazing discovery could have impact on how we search for life in the universe.
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