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Now I have no interest in #minecraft however Shane Marks AKA shanem was telling me last night about an awesome idea.

Basically you get given a USB stick, you play the Minecraft game, building some buildings or other crap but 'when' (as opposed to if by the sound of it?) you die. everything up to that point is saved on the USB drive.

You then give that drive to someone else and they start to play (that profile) at the end of a given period, say over a weekend. You get the drive back, possibly with all the other players present, to see how it all worked out.

Now the bits I did find interesting was;
1. The new player possibly has no clue what it was you was trying to make or achieve originally.
2. You see the end results of peoples interpretation of your original concept.

It's kinda like Chinese whispers for Minecraft.
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Could probably achieve the same thing with ubuntu one / dropbox style file syncs.
I like it, possibly also could work for creative mode games, but with a different kind of end-point obviously :)
I setup a server which generated a random map, dropped a bunch of random items around the place (weapons/armour etc) and then people could join it. The server self-destructed some configurable number of minutes later and the game starts again :)
+Anthony Newman I know. You need to write a script that converts long posts into multiple Tweets. You're a clever bloke, that should be doable for you.
+Alan Pope I like the low-tech idea of handing around a USB drive tbh it has mental images of #geeks #sharing and possible shades of #furtiveness . Shane talked about it off the back of a discussion we had regarding the potential Minecraft server for OggCamp.

We was kinda chewing the cud over the hypothetical idea of handing out (To those interested) said USB on entry to the event with the 'results' being revealed say Sunday afternoon.
I'd be concerned with security by passing a usb stick round.

How is the save game file laid out? Could we not git it allowing people to sign it out and place it back once done?

It would be fun though
Yep, you can trust all you want until some Judas trashes it for a least online we can keep a track of it
+Michael (heeed) Rimicans I don't see how on-line is going to be any more secure? As I understood it the USB would just contain you profile and I suspect saved game?

The Minecraft server (For this purpose) would be dedicated to the USB play alone. This would not be for every-man-and-his-dog to play on. Or at least that's the way I understood it.
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