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Bloody hell! I'll have to install frigging #ubuntu now as I suspect my Acer Revo (Lucid 10.04) is not powerful enough for this. :-(
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Sweet! A lot has happened since the test I downloaded maybe two years ago.
Great. It's my true belief that once Linux is a major gaming platform it will be the major OS distribution on PCs. At least for private PCs.
This looks really great, a proper RTS game for Linux :)
Installed this from the software centre the other day, not had chance to play it yet. How different is this from the version in the standard repositories? Looks awesome.
Just played around with this release a bit, it's certainly a good game, although the performance is really bad under Linux (probably due to drivers, I'd bet it runs better with proprietary drivers)
Very enjoyable though, a lot like Age of Empires, and the graphics are really impressive for an open source game.
+rich scadding That should work, I got a quad-core CPU, 4gb ram and a 1.5 gb nVidia GPU, so I'm pretty certain using the nouveau driver is the performance bottleneck over here.
I don't have anything that good spec wise. I may have to wait a few months until I've rebuilt my Arch box. :-(
+rich scadding I never had any trouble with it, as I don't use proprietary drivers at all (I still have horrible memories from my first steps with Linux and the fglrx driver), but for a free driver nouveau is pretty good IMO.

Anyway, I'll have to try the game on Windows some time and see if it runs better.
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